Weekly Scheduling and Planning in Your Home Business


Are You Making a Weekly Schedule and a Plan in Your Direct Sales Business?


Weekly Scheduling and Planning in Your Home BusinessAs part of my month long series in giving you tools and ideas to prepare you for an awesome next year, or next quarter, depending on when you are listening in, today we are going to talk about how important it is for you to practice setting up weekly scheduling and planning in your Home Business!

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Weekly Scheduling and Planning in Your Home Business

The last few shows have focused on journaling, creating consistency,  a calendar and planner and these are all tools to help you be successful. As I record this show, it’s December, 2015 and we are about to move into a fresh new year, filled with hope and promise.

My goal is to get you really set for success.

Think about this – how many times do you wake up, jump out of bed and really know what you are going to do in your direct sales business each day?

Do you have a written plan? A list of people and action steps on the list?

Most people don’t. However, the top income earners do, and since success leaves clues, let’s share what that scheduling and planning can look like for you to have the success you want.

How much time do you think it’s really going to take for you to build a successful business?

What if you would take one focused hour each day, with specific action steps, and work your business?

I’m going to make this easy, because you don’t even have to have one full hour at a time.

We are going to break that one hour down into fifteen minute segments, with undivided attention. Before long, you might find more than fifteen minutes for each segment, and believe me, your business growth will show it.

The key is to be focused and dedicated. It is going to involve picking up the phone, but what if it’s only for fifteen minutes.

The key is to stick with the Power Hour system, which is what this is called. The challenge is that most people begin to make excuses and find reasons why they are just too busy. But really? Four fifteen minute segments a day – who can’t make that time in their schedule, if they are really committed?

Here are some ideas for those 15 minute segments –

Customer Connection calls/messages – 15 minutes of reaching out to share just your products and ask if you might share a sample, or get together.

Prospecting Connection Calls/messages – 15 minutes of reaching out to share the business side, asking for referrals.

Follow up calls/messages – 15 minutes of following up with people you have talked with in the past about either the products or the business.

Team calls/messages – 15 minutes to reach out to your team and just touch base.

Now, I come from the old school of making phone calls, but more and more people operate with text and Facebook messenger, so that is why I call is calls/messages.

The nice thing about Facebook messenger is that you can see when a message is read!

You can also factor in other blocks of time in your week for other social media tasks such as Blogging, because as you know, I am a huge fan of blogging to create leads and expand your status as an “expert” in your field.

The key, above all, is to put it into your calendar. Those 15 minute segments each day and even if you work full time, you can make this happen. 15 minutes before work, 15 minutes at lunch, 15 minutes right after work, and 15 minutes after dinner. Even with children, getting them self engaged for 15 minutes gets easier and easier.

Another key thing is to create a note on your phone for reminders of people who you need to follow up with, or who come to mind.

I would love to hear how you are finding this simple process. Are you committed to making it happen? I sure hope so. You will see success. I promise!



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