Why the Internet Might Work Better For Me Part 2

online_business_networkingOnline Business Building promises many things, not the least of which is a steady stream of pre-qualified leads coming to you. But, can you really do it?

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you might want to read about it here first, so you get the concept.

Let me start by saying that the Internet is a great way to add another marketing funnel to your existing Direct Sales/Network Marketing business, if you are willing to become a student and master the skills it takes. Listen in to learn more…

I would love to hear your feedback and comments. Let’s exchange ideas
below. Just leave your thoughts/questions.

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  1. Priscilla Brooks says

    Hi Jackie~

    Great information as usual!

    Looking forward to the future. Just as soon as I get some personal items in my life rolling. They will work well hand in hand no doubt!~

    Priscilla 😉

  2. says

    OK Jackie..Rather than beat the horse anymore…I’m sending a bunch of people over to watch this video. So many people are overwhelmed when it comes to marketing online. That feeling leads them to be stuck in Fuzzy Thinking and thus not able to take action without being led or spoon fed. In some ways the wealth of information available has made things harder for people rather than easier.

    By listening to your suggestions and taking it upon themselves to find one type of online marketing and become very skilled at it, you are empowering people to feel in control of their business and their destiny!!

    Peace and Abundance,
    Deborah Tutnauer

    PS..I love the Kalapana music that you play on every video.
    .-= Deborah Tutnauer – ITS ALL SUCCESS TV´s last blog ..Mistakes Happen – How to Get Unstuck in Your MLM Business =-.

  3. says

    It’s 2010 and they are onto us!
    When was the last time someone in your business did something that made you uncomfortable?
    What did they do?
    Public opinion tells us that MLMers hounding and hunting people down with the wicked smell of commission breath isn’t going to fly in today’s world!
    Let me share with you an example that happened just last week.
    I was at a coffee shop with my attorney, discussing some legal matters that had nothing to do with my Network Marketing business.
    Suddenly I felt someone staring. When I looked up, I saw a gentleman who is a distributor in the same company that I’m involved with. He waves and then goes to get himself a coffee.
    A little while later he comes over to our table and interrupts us to say hello.
    After he says hello and asks how I’m doing, he turns to my attorney and says, “So, you looking at our business?”
    She looks at him puzzled, a look of what-are-you-talking- about?
    He continues (to puke out) “That’s great if you are, because this guy (referring to me) is awesome; you are in great hands.”
    She again looks puzzled.
    He then makes some comment about my tremendous training ability with experienced distributors, says good bye and makes his way toward the door.
    She looks at me and asks: what was that, and who was that?
    My response was: just a guy I work with.
    I could tell she was thinking, with concern: what kind of business are you in?
    One of the main problems here is that this gentleman leaves the coffee shop thinking that he just did me a favor! But in fact, he creeped this lady out and he doesn’t even know any better. It’s what he is being taught!
    When you leave the house in search of anyone or anything to join your business, YOU ARE NOT going to recruit quality prospects. You must learn to market professionally, and target people who are looking for your business.
    When you chase something IT WILL RUN!
    The industry has been approaching people with such a lack of professionalism for 40 years and they are sick of it!
    Let’s stop chasing them and have them chase us!
    There are better ways, professional ways, and effective ways to build a MLM business in the year 2010 and beyond.
    We all need to learn these ways and change this industry for the better!

    To your success,
    Brad Emmert
    President and founder of Top Biz Trainers
    P.S. Life is good and getting better every day! Make a difference in someone else’s financial situation.

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