Why Affiliate Marketing is Important to Your Online Business Plan

Affiliate Program Marketing

One beautiful thing about the internet is that it is made up of affiliate programs. Seems everyone wants to pay you for marketing their “stuff.”

This is a great way to create multiple streams of income, and I am a huge fan of this, especially in economic times like these, when there seems to be no security anymore. I have replaced my career income in Airline Sales and Marketing with just my affiliate program pay checks alone.

Affiliate Programs are, without a doubt, one of the easiest and fastest ways to build your Internet business and begin earning a great income from home!

Now, before you get too excited or go overboard with visions of firing your boss, I want to make a serious point

Success online REQUIRES patience, dedication and commitment to learning, GETTING STARTED (as I actually DOING something besides reading), and consistency in your efforts. I now earn thousands of dollars each month just with affiliate program marketing, but it didn’t happen overnight.

If you think this is something where you can throw up a “freebie” site somewhere and begin rolling on the dough – think again and keep your day job.

Having said that, here are some exciting things you should know:

Thousands of ordinary people are profiting from Affiliate Programs. These are people who are no brighter, no more experienced and have no more technical knowledge than you!

The secret to their success is that they are copying something that is already working and putting it into action for themselves. The great news is that you can do this too!!!

Affiliate Programs are simply “revenue sharing programs” where you align yourself with other companies, marketing their products and services and you are paid a referral fee on each purchase made.

A well known company who offers an Affiliate Program (although an extremely low paying one, I might add) is Internet giant Amazon.com, and there are literally thousands out there. Most will sign you up, create an affiliate web site for you and offer you marketing tips for free!! That’s totally without risk!

Imagine if you had products to sell, but didn’t have to worry about inventory, credit card processing, customer service or order fulfillment. All you have to do is market your products. That’s the beauty of Affiliate Programs.

There are a few models to consider if you are going to pursue affiliate marketing.

One, is that you select and market programs and tools that you already use in your business (specifically a Network Marketing or Direct Sales business) and that you would recommend even if there was not an income stream offered for it. This makes for a natural referral from you and you’ll develop a more solid recommendation when you use it yourself.

As you sponsor others who use Online Marketing Tools, they will sign up for these programs from your link; create their own link and then share that as they sponsor others.

Some people who are not interested in joining your business will be interested in some of the tools you are using, especially as your success story develops.

Don’t plan to spend too much time marketing affiliate programs. This is not meant to take you away from building your primary business and income source. They do create cash flow but your Network Marketing program will most likely always be your most significant income source.

Some examples of affiliate programs I have used and done extremely well with that you might want to include in your business plan are –

Website Design Programs
Website Hosting
WordPress Site and Blogging Set Up
Auto responders to automate your lead capture and message delivery
Customer Care and Retention Program
Training Programs and How Tos Online

The second business model for marketing affiliate programs is to build targeted websites geared toward each specific product or selection of products. For instance, let’s say you wanted to build a business around “weight loss” and offer a variety of items that one might need who is focused on weight loss. You might choose products such as weight loss supplements; exercise books and equipment; nutrition and cooking books and related items, etc. Do you see the theme?

So, the question for you is – are you ready to get started and cash in? Are you committed to taking action to make your own success online a reality? If I can assist, use the contact for at the top to get in touch!

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      Thanks Faye! My thought is – that is how the internet is made, might as well benefit and teach others how to generate multiple streams of income!

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      EXPECT Success!

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