Understanding the Facebook Algorithm


Who Sees Your Stuff On Facebook

Understanding the Facebook AlgorithmOne of my most common questions is about Facebook and how, why and when people see your stuff on Facebook. Are you wondering why you don’t have more engagement? Or, are you wondering who is seeing your stuff on Facebook? Let’s talk about Understanding the Facebook Algorithm.

This will help you better understand what you see in the newsfeed, and who may or may not be seeing what you share in their newsfeed!

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Understanding the Facebook Algorithm

Do you ever wonder how or why certain things show up in your newsfeed? How come you see Susie Q’s updates all of the time; and yet only occasionally see Joe Rockstars?

While Facebook never reveals exactly how the algorithm works, there is one and there are things we can figure out just by paying attention. When you have a better understanding of the Facebook Algorithm, you can plan and time what you share for maximum exposure.

A lot of what you see is going to be determined by a few key things –

How many friends you have
Your interests and those things you comment, like and engage about
Videos you watch
Common interests you share with others

Those are just a few.

Now, if you live in the US, and you experienced, or are experiencing the political circus we have going on with the November 2016 Election of Donald Trump; the defeat of Hilary Clinton and all of the craziness that has surrounded the political circles.

Facebook has been full of “fake news”, Alternative news, mud slinging and unfriending. It’s a little scary to be out there.

Now, as you are listening to this, and depending on where you live, you may be oblivious to this. If so, it’s because of where you live, and the fact that you have not liked, commented or engaged much with anyone who is sharing about the election or politics.

I don’t personally get involved in politics on Facebook, but I do occasionally read the posts of others, or watch some video. Overtime I do that, I get a barrage of political stuff that overtakes my newsfeed.

Why? Well, Facebook noticed what I was clicking on and watching, even though I was not commenting or liking. Based on this, Facebook began to show me more of this because it assumed that I wanted to see this, was interested in this subject because I was clicking and watching.

This will help you have a better Understanding of the Facebook Algorithm. In a nutshell, that is how it works.

Facebook only shows up to 300 pieces of content in anyone’s newsfeed at any time. And, they are going to show you what they think you want to see, based on your friends, your interests, new friends you’ve made, pages you like, groups you belong to, things you’ve interacted on already, searches you’ve done and so on.

Have you ever thought that Facebook is saturated for your company, or even direct sales? Nothing could be further from the truth! Facebook is showing you what it thinks you want to (with no judgement) based on YOU and how you have told it to behave!

You tell Facebook how to behave with you based on your profile; your background; your friends; your interests; where you’ve been; who you’ve been with; what you did; who you tagged; keywords in your profile; business pages you like; new interests you have (like a new company, and new friends and new pages/groups based around that) and so on!

When you make friends with someone, Facebook sees what your common interests are. If you interact a lot, especially in the beginning, Facebook will show you more from that person and your mutual interests.

When you engage with people, Facebook shows you their content, which is why you will notice if you pay attention that Facebook shows you mostly the people you interact with most frequently.

Take my son, for example. He’s on Facebook but is not a raving fan, nor social media junkie. He posts occasionally, and likes/engages from time to time. Unless I go find his page; or he tags me; or a bunch of our mutual friends interact with one of his status updates, he almost NEVER shows up organically in my newsfeed.

Creating friends lists can help you stay more engaged with the right people and move outside of that 300 post limit Facebook is choosing for you.

Be sure you listen to my podcast on the Facebook 5 – 5 Times a Day; 5 Minutes; and 5 Areas to focus on!

For more tips and tricks on using Facebook effectively, including what you want to make SURE you do BEFORE you ever send someone a private message on Facebook; creating friends lists and how to use them; or how to build relationships on Facebook; and certainly how to reach out and start the conversation about your business via Facebook Messenger, check out Facebook For Direct Sales Profits

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of the Facebook Algorithm.



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