QA006 How Do I Sponsor People On Facebook

Facebook Groups and Pages for Business

How Do I Get People on Facebook?   Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome the 6th edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of … [Read more...]

SSW045 Holiday Business Building Tips

Holiday Business Building Tips

Business Building Tips for the Holiday Season   I know, I know, it can be a frazzling time of year PERIOD, without even factoring in a business, right? And, you may be wondering how you are going to get it all done. The way I see it, … [Read more...]

SSW018 – Building Your Brand Online

Building Your Online Brand Podcast

Building Your Brand Online in Network Marketing . I know, branding, target market and all of these concepts can seem a little "overdone" these days online, right? Well, I feel so lucky because building a "brand" online was the furthest thing … [Read more...]

SSW009 – Why You Need a Blog For Online MLM

Moo cards for blogging workshop

Blogging in Your MLM Business In today's podcast, I'm going to share the steps I used to get my Online Hub of the Universe running. These are simple steps if you don't "major in the minors" and let the small details stop you from getting … [Read more...]

SSW007: How I Built My MLM Business Online

MLM the Internet and You

  Ready to learn what might happen for you if you take your business online as well as offline? I’m excited to share some possibilities with you about what the tools of the internet can do for your business. In today's Street Smart Wealth … [Read more...]

How to Attract Quality Prospects

Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

Ever heard that saying - you attract who you are? Well, nothing could be more true than that statement in Network Marketing for sure. After all, this is a relationship based business and we typically build relationships with those who are most … [Read more...]

Your Marketing Funnels

Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the "lingo" of online marketing and Marketing Funnels is one of those terms that can really throw people off. In a nutshell, your marketing funnels are just those avenues you use to find people who MIGHT be … [Read more...]

How to Find Prospects For Your Business


        /\   Like this? Share (above)and Tweet it (to the right)! >>>>>>>> And please share your comments and feedback with me below!    One question I am asked frequently is - How do you sponsor so many … [Read more...]

A Penny From the Universe


At a class on Prosperity many years ago, I learned stop walking by pennies and random change that I might find on my daily walk or while out and about. These are gifts from God and are an assurance of the abundance that is there for us. Now, I … [Read more...]

Power Recruiting – How to Sponsor Your Dream Team


It's Peak Sponsoring Season in Your Business! Are You Ready to Win? Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy for some to sponsor people into their business so effortlessly? In fact, they practically have people lined up and out the door, … [Read more...]

Are You Being Authentic Online


Are You Being Authentic Online in Social Media? . Social Media and the Internet have changed everything! I love to remind people - What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook! What does that mean? It means that thanks to the the "staying power" … [Read more...]

100 Dials a Day in Network Marketing – REALLY?

How many calls does it take a day to be successful in your Direct Sales business? I recently read a training article by a network marketer who revealed that his theory to success in his MLM business is making 75 to 100 dials a day to … [Read more...]

Combining Warm Market AND Online Lead Generation For Network Marketers

Build a Business to LAST - Two Success Principles If you are just getting started in your Network Marketing business, should you contact your warm market or just jump right in with online methods and Social Media Marketing? This is a question and … [Read more...]

Get Rich Slow in Network Marketing

Get Rich Slow

I know, is that a JOKE, right? No one seriously gets into Network Marketing to build is slowly.... But, what if you are misunderstanding the concept behind the GRS idea, or Get Rich Slow? Do you understand how this works in a Direct Sales … [Read more...]

Build Your MLM Business Online – 5 Answers to Common Questions

MLM Online Business

Can I REALLY build a successful Network Marketing business online? Can the internet really work for me? Absolutely, but it is critical that you become a good student and understand the entire process of creating your message and attracting others to … [Read more...]

How to Generate High Quality Leads for Your Business

Wondering how to generate high quality leads for your Network Marketing or Direct Sales business? How much does it cost to build an online business? How do I start with Video Marketing I recently asked my amazing readers what some of their most … [Read more...]

Answers About Social Media

Social Media is Your Electronic Tattoo

Are you puzzled by Social Media Marketing and Wonder Where to Start? I recently asked my amazing readers what some of their most pressing, urgent questions are around building an online business; whether it's in Network Marketing and MLM; Direct … [Read more...]

Answers to Your Questions On Blogging


Are you ready to start a Blog but have questions? I recently asked my amazing readers what some of their most pressing, urgent questions are around building an online business; whether it's in Network Marketing and MLM; Direct Sales or any type of … [Read more...]