Success and Achievement in Direct Sales


Reframing How We View Success and Achievement

Success and Achievement in Direct SalesThis week’s Mantra and affirmation is – Success and Achievement are natural outcomes for me. Let’s get into how Success and Achievement in Direct Sales fit into our mindset and what those words mean to us.

Don’t just listen to it once, though. Write it down, put it on a sticky note on your mirror; add it as the wallpaper on your phone.

See it, recite it and internalize it regularly! Success and Achievement in Direct Sales are natural outcomes for me. I added in Direct Sales!

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Success and Achievement in Direct Sales

Success and Achievement are natural outcomes for me.

Think about those words, and the feelings you have around them.

Take each word one at a time, specifically the words Success and Achievement. Think of how it relates with this sentence – Success and Achievement in Direct Sales….

When you think of success, what comes to mind? How do you define success in your own life?

How about the word achievement?

For much of my life, I defined success purely around my career and the income I earned from my career. Success was almost only about money for me.

It’s how I defined my success.

I work with a lot of women and many are stay home moms now, and they had rewarding careers before motherhood.

This includes Dads, too, in some cases.

Many of these women do not control the checkbook and money is doled out to them and they are often controlled by the money, or lack of it.

It can be very disempowering to go from having money and an income to being dependent and having to ask for money.

It can leave one feeling vulnerable, scared, unworthy and frustrated, among other things.

When I was 14, I had a disagreement with my mom about my back to school clothes and the budget she gave me.

She flippantly told me to get a job and so I did.

I never looked back and I loved the control it gave me over my life, my decisions, what I wore, what I could do and buy.

Today, I am finally comfortable and confident saying – I am motivated by money!

And, I am. I am ambitious.

It’s okay for women to feel this way. It’s not uncool to be a woman who feels this way.

Money gives us the ability to be a better giver. It gives us more opportunity. It’s not the root of all evil.

We put labels on ourselves as women, very often. As Women.

It’s not always the men.

Achievement is a word that works much the same way.

As a child, achievement was about ribbons and trophies and how I earned the money. It was about awards.

I’ve finally grown past that and realize that achievement can be as simple as –

Crossing things off my to do list.

Eating Well.

Working out.

Having fun with family and friends.

Once I learned to shift my thoughts around success and achievement, things really changed for me. Success and Achievement in Direct Sales became my reality. And, it can become yours, too.

By allowing myself to feel successful and a sense of achievement in other ways besides money and career, it opened up the pathway for me to experience more success in the monetary sense.

What do these words mean for you?

Write it down, say it, and spend the week getting a clear picture on what these words mean to you.

Success and Achievement in Direct Sales starts with this solid affirmation –

Success and Achievement are natural outcomes for me.


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