Stepping Out of the Box For Direct Sales Success

Stepping Out of the Box For Direct Sales Success


Jackie's Younique Makeup and Mascara BusinessSuccess in Direct Sales and Network Marketing is often about stepping out of our comfort zone and doing those things that make us just a little uncomfortable!


I’ve shared that I changed companies this year and am in a massive action launch, pulling out all of the stops to succeed and work with more women and Stay Home Moms to have the success they want, and be home with their children.


For over 21 years, I have worked exclusively from home in my business, being there with my children, so I know how important that is to so many.


So, for this new launch, I have jumped in, feet first into offline networking again, and even home parties.


And, you know what? I am loving it!


How about you?



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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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