State of the Direct Sales Profession February 2017


What’s Hot and What’s Not in Direct Sales

State of the Direct Sales Profession February 2017This is my new monthly show that I will be bringing you on the State of Direct Sales, Social Media and Network Marketing. Each month, I’ll be showcasing things that are working, proven strategies and more. You can join me on my Facebook Page, @streetsmartwealth each month, and weekly for my live training videos. So here is what hot and what’s not in the State of the Direct Sales Profession February 2017, and Social Media, too!

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State of the Direct Sales Profession February 2017

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What’s Hot – State of the Direct Sales Profession February 2017

Customers – YES, there is no sin in having customers. We are moving away from just the personal consumption model, and putting more emphasis on Customers. The recent rulings by the FTC on companies like Vemma, Fortune HiTech, and even Herbalife to some extent, these past few years, more companies are putting much more emphasis on customers. And, this is a great way to get your own auto ship covered.

IT keeps people in the game and gives them some immediate success.

Networking Events – these are also hot. These people are ripe for one on ones, and getting together to learn about your business and of course get the opportunity to share about their own. The challenge most network marketers have is that they don’t know how to be a professional networker. What to DO with that stack of business cards.

Watch my video where I share exactly how to do this –

At the event, lead with your product up front, and then share the opportunity side during the one on one!

You must expand your warm market because no one can build a business solely on the backs of friends and family. Get out and meet some people!!

Learn good success language and learn how to start conversations with people.

You can see my video on ice breakers here –

3rd Party Approach and Referrals – get very comfortable asking for referrals and using the 3rd party approach. Resistance is created when you come AT people vs asking for a favor.

Asking for an opinion is always in style! People love to give opinions and do favors!

Follow Up – this is another HOT topic in ALL of business. What to do with that stack of business cards? See my video above on Facebook to get a GREAT idea of what to do.

My 5 Star Marketing System will train you on how to do this.

Treat Your Business Like a Business – have set hours. These can be whenever you want, but you must commit to a specific number of hours and activities each day.

Facebook Live – VERY hot in whatever business you are in.  Set a 30 day challenge do do Facebook live. And don’t worry about being great. Very few people will even SEE it when you are just starting. Remember Advertising 101 – it takes 7-9 times, on average, to make a sale! So consistency is important so you catch your prospect when the time is right!

Friends List – Creating new warm market on Facebook is huge, and an easy way to keep track of people is to sort them into lists. Your friends and contacts are your working inventory in your business. They are the ones who buy products; who buy/sell homes; who become team partners. Find people on Social Media sites and connect.

Learn all about Facebook For Direct Sales Profits in my e-book!

LinkedIn is really hot for building business relationships.

Samples – people are receptive to samples and trying things. Use part of your auto ship and SAMPLE!

Instagram Stories and Snapchat are also Hot in Social Media!

Ask people the best place to connect with them. Identify where your target audience is hanging out!

So what is NOT hot?

Blatant Pitching – your target audience and prospects you would LOVE to bring into your business are watching you and the last thing they want to do is spam their friends. When you are blatant pitching on your wall, they are running far and fast.

Share things that create curiosity, above all.

Your Facebook Business page is where you want to conduct the bulk of your business!

Engage with people, including thought leaders. Not everyone is going to join your business, but they can help create exposure for you

Adding People to Facebook Groups – this is SO not cool. It’s like ripping someone away from a conversation they are having and plopping them down in your living room.

Poor Listening. Online and Offline. But face to face, do not get on your phone in the middle of a conversation. Make the person you are speaking with at the moment the most important person in the universe at that time!

Join my team – this is WAY old school online and offline. Yuck. Where is the “What’s in It For Me?”

Don’t use company graphics – bring yourself into the photo because that create authenticity.

Don’t use Salesy terminology like – “The Best”, Share the value in what you offer and let others tell YOU why it is the best.


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