How You Start an Online Business

Is Now a Good Time to Start an Online Business of Your Own?

Start an Online Business NowThe economy is bad, and most of us aren’t convinced it’s getting better. So how can now possibly be the right time to start your own business?

You may have a “good, secure job”, right? (Oxymoron, today!) Or maybe you’ve been downsized, and now you are debating – look for another job; go back to school to improve your resume; or strike out on your own and hang your shingle in your own business.

Do you really want another job? A new boss? Another cubicle? Another treadmill to toil away time on?

There is never a “perfect” or good time to start a business if you analyze it too much. Just like there is no perfect time to start a family. There will always be something that gets in the way, if you let it.

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So the question is – when are YOU going to begin pursuing your passion? Your Dream? Take control of your destiny and future?

The Internet is still in its infancy and provides you with an amazing platform to start and run a business. I’ve run a successful, multi-million dollar business online for over 11 years. Did I have overnight success? No! Did I make my first million the first year? No! (But I know others who did!) Has it been worth every second? YES!!!

Gary Vaynerchuk, author of the outstanding book “Crush It shares this short checklist that you may want to consider. I’ve picked the primary ones.

  • Identify your passion.
  • Name your personal brand. You don’t have to refer to it; just have a clear idea of what it is.
  • Buy your domain name –
  • Start a WordPress Blog.
  • Create a Facebook Business Page.
  • Start creating Content
  • Start Building a Community; leave comments on other people’s blogs, forums and pages. Learn more on how.
  • Join as many active Facebook Pages and Groups as possible.
  • Repeat the 3 previous steps over and over.
  • Enjoy the ride.

There is more, but you must start somewhere. The time really is now. What’s stopping you?

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