Social Media Sharing Tools for Direct Sales

How to Automate Your Social Media Time in Direct Sales

Social Media Sharing Tools for Direct SalesYou know you need to be focused, and consistent on Social Media, right, but how does one find the time? You just need some Social Media Sharing Tools for Direct Sales!

Ideally, you want to be sharing on Social Media 3-5 times, and in various areas.

You have your personal profile, you business page or pages, and possibly some groups you moderate.

I coach on the 80/20 rule on social media – 80% fun, educational, entertaining, motivational, lifestyle and so on.

20% business, and even then, subtly, not blasting your links all over. Sharing in a way that creates interest and attracts them to you.

So, how do you do this without being there constantly, either posting or hunting for content. Once I found Social Media Sharing Tools for Direct Sales, my business totally changed!

I do this using tools and blocking an hour out in my calendar once a week to get it done.

Facebook allows you to pre-schedule content to your Facebook business page, but not to your profile or in groups.

Social Media Sharing Tools for Direct Sales


CinchShare – This allows you to pre-schedule your content out on Facebook and Pinterest, and includes personal  timeline, facebook groups, events and parties and business pages. Give it a test run for a month with the promo code – StreetSmart.

Next is SocialOomph – the free version is fine. I use this for Twitter. This simple tool automates my Twitter feed and easily stores ALL of my content so it can easily be used over and over again. Writing a blog post once is great, and as long as that content is evergreen, you can (and should) be re-sharing it over and over again so you catch your target audience when the time is right for them!

Red Stamp This app is totally amazing for so many things – business overview and party invites, both online and offline; create a simple “business card” that can easily be shared through text or Facebook Messenger, and more! Open the app, choose Collections to find pre-done invitations for many direct sales companies including Cabi, Origami Owl, PartyLite, Scentsy, Thirty-One, Jamberry, Norwex, Stella & Dot and more. – Canva is a simple to use, and amazing website for creating graphics for all things Social Media including Facebook Status Updates, Party and Event cover photos, Facebook posts, vendor event and party flyers, blogs, gift certificates, postcards…you name it, you can pretty much do it! Upload your own pics, add your own text and easily size to any social media platform. Canva also has a huge library of stock photos that you can grab for a $1.00 per graphic. And, Canva is also mobile friendly via the Canva app.

Word Swag I make most of my graphics for my blog and social media updates on this cool tool! Your favorite quotes look instantly amazing and “shareable” with cool fonts and a typography generator. At $3.99 (or less if you find an app sale) Word Swag allows you to make creative images that others want to share and keeps your Facebook fans inspired and engaged. *Available for both Android and iOS

The final one is a program I offer that provides content for you to share. It includes one blog post, one conversation starter and one graphic with a motivational quote each week. You can use all three for a blog, a facebook update and more.

The more you can automate your marketing process, the more freedom you will have and you’ll know that it gets done!

You can learn more at –

You can really bump up your results when you use tools to automate and simplify the process for you.



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