Social Media Time Management Questions and Answers

Answers to Most Common Social Media Time Management


Social Media Time Management Q and AI know the struggle of spinning your wheels on Social Media and wondering if you are just being sucked down a giant time waster.

Will this Social Media and your time spent there really build your Direct Sales business?

Yes, it will, when it is done strategically and with a plan.

This recent live broadcast on Periscope answers many of the questions. Slide it forward about 3 minutes to move through the welcomes and checkins and get into the content.

What are your most important actions and goals when you get on Social Media? And, how can you make the most of the time you do spend on the most effective platforms?



Some of what we cover:

#1 Goal is building true relationships, connections and New Warm Market

Make sure your Facebook Friends are truly of benefit, or can be

Be authentic

Income Producing Activities

Platforms on Social Media for Success

Leverage Your Time through the content you create, and sharing it on Several Platforms

How to Get More Followers



Here are some other resources on Direct Sales Social Media Time Management:

How to Balance Time and Priorities in Your Direct Sales Business

Time Management Strategies for Business Success


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