Simple Steps to Use Video Marketing in Your Business

Scared of Video Marketing? Don’t be….

Tips For YouTube SEO and Lead GenerationVideo Marketing can be a very effective way to build credibility; connect with and engage your audience and target market online.

It’s hot, and getting hotter. If a picture paints a thousand words, then imagine what video can do for your business!

It creates an interactive experience, and makes you more REAL, more authentic, and it’s almost impossible to be a fraud, and be successful with video. People get the essence of who you are with video!

It is simple to do. With just a little practice, you can add video marketing to your “toolbox” in no time. And, you’ll love how it can attract a hungry crowd!

Here are some quick, simple Tips for getting started. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional speaker. Just act as if you are engaged in conversation with someone sitting right across from you. Because, actually, that is what is happening.



Here are some simple tips:


1. You are simply having a conversation with a friend. Look at the camera as your friend; you aren’t auditioning for American Idol!

2. Don’t seek perfection, just as if you are sitting down face to face, you might stutter, stumble over a word or two, ir say “uh” a few times. Let it go! It’s human!

3. Look into the camera, make eye contact.

4. Don’t have a mess behind you. You don’t need a professional studio, just be neat. You are creating an impression!

5. Today, I use my iPhone and my Mac to process videos, and no fancy software!


Well, are you ready to get started? I welcome your feedback below and please share some of your videos with me.
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Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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  1. Video Marketing is a great way to promote hardware tools and products online.~,.

  2. Jackie,
    I liked your informative video here, I feel it is a must for me this year so I was drawn to this post (video) about the subject. It is true we need to use video to connect with others online. As you know Network Marketing is a very personal business and we need that connection video can bring.

    The Internet can be very impersonal in nature. We need to use anything we can to break that feeling and build the relationships we need to have a healthy group. I value your experience so I jumped at the chance to hear you speak on the subject.

    .-= Bruce Cagle´s last blog ..MLM and the power of Backlinks =-.

  3. What a great post and video, Jackie! I’m looking forward to using video on my blogs very soon as well, and you’ve given a lot of really useful and helpful info here. I agree that using videos in this manner allows readers to really see and relate to you as a real, live human being and does give that extra personal touch. Thanks so much for the video :)
    .-= Marsha Kelly´s last blog ..Skin Care Direct Sales with Apriori Beauty =-.

  4. Bingo is right! Automation with the human touch!

    It’s a beautiful thing :)

  5. Thanks for the feedback. After you’ve done a few, it gets so much easier and begins to flow. I just pretend I am having a conversation with someone, because in a sense, I am. IT does create that interactive experience and the biggest feedback I hear is – “I feel like I know you already.”


    That’s the goal!

  6. Hey Jackie! Great video on video marketing. You do make it look so easy, but I’m getting better at it!

    This to me is the ultimate high tech low touch automation of network marketing. LOL, did that make ANY sense.

    We were having the discussion on FB about automation vs. personal touch and I think video does give automation the personal touch. You can really get to know the person like they were sitting there talking to you.

    Keep up the good work. LOVE your videos!
    .-= Debbie Wood´s last blog ..The Meaning of Persistence: It’s All About Never Quitting. =-.

  7. Thank you, Jackie, for this video. I have done a small amount of video marketing in the past. I agree that video marketing does bring you closer to your prospects and helps you to build a relationship with them. Thanks again for sharing!

    .-= Sheatina Sparks´s last blog ..Would You Like to Work for 4 Years or 40 Years? =-.

  8. Thanks for more great direct sales tips. I too intend to incorporate video marketing but I would like tips on how to do the slideshow to video type videos.
    Any ideas for those type videos?

    Thank you!
    .-= Terri Weston´s last blog ..Does a fragrance bring back memories? =-.

  9. Thanks for the cool vid tips Jackie! My flip arrived a week ago and starting to use it for training vids in my sales funnel.

    That’s gotta be the coolest invention that’s come around for quite some time.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    .-= George Fourie´s last blog ..How To Protect Your thatMLMbeat Blog With Your Own Domain Name =-.

  10. Hi Jackie,
    Great video! I always enjoy watching your videos and plan to start doing my own some time next year. Thanks for the education and inspiration.
    Have a GREAT weekend!
    .-= Jill Shea´s last blog ..What is the Golden Rule of Networking? =-.

  11. Jackie, Great information as ususal. This is something I intend to incorporate in the new year, however the thought of it does make me self concious. I had no problem speaking in front of a plane load of passengers or getting up in front of students and teaching in the training department, but for some reason the thought of this causes some anxiety on my part. I guess I’ll use the advice I give my 4 year old when it comes to writing his name and ABC’s…practice makes perfect!

    Thanks for all of your awesome training tips!

    Twila Jacobs

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