Should You Have to Justify Wanting to Build Your Home Business Online

Do You Have to Build the Way Your Sponsor Does?


Justify Building Online to Your SponsorI had two interesting phone conversations recently with network marketers who want to use the internet as a tool to build a business. And, both of them have upline who are telling them it’s a mistake.


Why is that?


One is in party plan, in a tiny, one horse town in the midwest.


The other is an introvert, but has no issues shooting videos and interacting on social media. It just draws her out and she loves it.


And, both are getting huge resistance from their sponsor about it.


“It won’t work.”


“The internet is a joke.”


“It’s a belly to belly business.”


“You can’t build real relationships online.”


And, they have asked me for my advice.


Well, it’s a tough spot. I never like to go against anyone’s sponsor or upline, or disagree, but….


I disagree.


I was told all of those same things in October, 1999, when I “found” the internet and knew it was a tool I wanted to use to expand my reach; build new warm market and finally, TRULY work from home.


No home meetings or parties.


No coffee shop no-shows.


And, it all worked. My business grew. My income grew. My happiness level definitely grew…


And, today, thousands of people are happily making a living with an online business – many of whom are in Network Marketing.


Do online methods replace traditional methods? No.


But, the internet is not going away.


And, the fact that 3 million people a day go online looking for a business should be a clue….


To anyone….


So, we are in a business FOR ourselves, not by ourselves, right?


We are responsible for our own actions, (or lack of them) which makes us responsible for our own paycheck potential.


So, why do we tell people to “think outside of the box” and then once we sign them into our network marketing business, we want to now put them in OUR box?


Just doesn’t make sense, now does it?


So, do you have to justify to your upline? Or hide it? Or feel bad?


No, I think not.


But, you’ll have to decide for yourself….just who’s business it is, and what makes you happy in your business.

Do you have a business you love; one that will take you where you want to go? AWESOME! Work it hard and know what you are selling.


If you are still looking for that right business and right mentor, someone who has “been there, done that” and built the million dollar income, I would love to explore that possibility with you.


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Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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