Secrets to Getting Party Plan Bookings in Direct Sales

Jackie Ulmer's Party Plan TipsAre you struggling to book parties in your Direct Sales Business and get your business launched? Do you wonder why it seems so easy for some, and you can’t seem to generate any interest?

Pay attention to the language you are using and who you are making your offer about. Are you asking people to “do you a favor?” “Help you out?”

What is exciting about that for your potential party host? That sounds like a lot of work to many.

Here are some tips to help you fill that calendar and benefit from the top 3 things you want to be focused on at your party: Sponsor others; Create more bookings on your calendar; and, of course, retail some amazing products!

Adapt these to your company and business and see how easy it can be to build a business using fun, social events that put cash in your pocket immediately!

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