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Pure Leverage Online Business


Jackie Ulmer Pure LeverageDoes Pure Leverage offer a way for the “average Joe” to finally make money from an online business system? So far, it seems that the answer is yes.

Pure Leverage can be a very lucrative program for those who are serious, as long as you can overcome a few obvious “risks and challenges.”

So, what are those?

Well, like ANY worthwhile, lucrative venture, online or offline, traditional or non-traditional, it takes WORK. It takes daily consistent effort, following a business plan, and not quitting when the first million isn’t made in 7 days.

There will be those who take the tools that Pure Leverage offers and run with them. They will follow the simple Fast Start training; they will blog daily and consistently; they will take personal responsibility for their successes, and failures.

There will be others who will doubt, blame the company, place one toe in the water and then cry foul; and more.

And, there will be the skeptics. Skepticism is good, in a healthy dose. It’s good to ask questions, get answers and then make an educated decision based around that. And, then it’s important to study, get educated and then take ACTION on what is learned.

What you don’t want to fall “victim” to is spending all of your time studying, analyzing and never really getting into action.

You don’t need to be an SEO whiz bang to start blogging and drive traffic to your blog. Get started and learn and tweak as you go. That’s what I did and that’s what countless others who have had success online have done.

Here are the recurring stories you hear over and over by those who finally struck the “Internet Gold” marketing online:

  • Didn’t have much money, may have lived in parents basement, and financed their “online education” with credit cards
  • Struggled to make their first sale, sometimes taking a few years
  • Wondered why it worked for everyone else but refused to give up
  • Spent time daily on education and then took action
  • Spent time daily working on personal development, reading books like Think and Grow Reach, The Magic of Thinking Big and so on.
  • REFUSED to quit or give up
  • Attended events to learn, network and expand
  • Refused to quit (oh wait, I mentioned that, but it’s worth mentioning again.



So, let’s break down some key components if you want to use Pure Leverage to be successful.


Pure Leverage Blogging System


An “authority site or blog” can be a very key component to your success online. What is an authority site or blog? Good question.


An “Authority Site” is a site with multiple users who all are essentially working together, at the same time to bring traffic to the site.

A great example of an authority site is Youtube. YouTube has millions of people, creating content in the form of videos on a variety of subjects. These user post, share, interact and drive traffic back to YouTube, right?

They post on Facebook, LinkedIn, other blogs and all types of other places online.

How does YouTube feel about this? THEY LOVE IT! It brings people and traffic back to their main site, and they monetize it in a variety of ways.

So, what does this have to do with Pure Leverage and how YOU would use it? Good question –

You will have your own blog, already hosted on an “authority domain” and designed to allow you to get off to a quick start. You can start with minimal to no experience because everything is already built for you.

And, you will benefit from the collective productivity of thousands of other “Pure Leverage Blog Users” creating content, sharing it, commenting on it and so on, because Google takes notice and says –

Hmmm, this Pure Leverage site is BUSY with traffic and good stuff. This makes your own content and blog more attractive in the eyes of Google than you just getting started with your own blog.

Why? Well, if you are just getting started with your own blog (and I’m not saying NOT to) then it is you, like a tiny island dropped in the middle of the huge ocean.

Who is going to find you? Who is helping to drive traffic and awareness about your blog? How will people find you, quickly?
Do you see where the Pure Leverage authority blog can help you?


What Should My Pure Leverage Blog Be About?


Anything you want! In fact, here is a suggestion. DON’T make it focused mainly on Pure Leverage itself. Instead, be unique, authentic and attract an audience that doesn’t even know PL exists. As you bring traffic to your site, you can monetize it in anyway you want.

Maybe you have a primary network marketing or mlm business you want to promote.

Maybe you sell your own product.

Maybe you have some other affiliate programs you want to promote.

Whatever the case, that is fine. Make it fun, entertaining AND informative. And, a mix of all of these to attract and keep your traffic!


What Other Tools Come in the Pure Leverage Tool Suite


Again, these are tools that you can use to promote any business, product or program. You will also get”

  • Auto-responders
  • Lead Capture pages
  • Video Email (VERY powerful for promoting ANY business!)
  • Web Conference Room (I use this to promote my primary business)
  • Access to Solo Ads and Media Buys for traffic
  • Ongoing education on how to build a successful online business
  • And, more, of course

You can learn more here!


How a “System” Will Help Me Be Successful Online


You want to be more of a hobbyist income earner, right?  So you need simplicity, right?

Here are some of the challenges that have held people back previously

  • Technology – setting up the WordPress blog; plugins; widgets and UGH!
  • Lead capture; autoresponders; copywriting; squeeze pages; content creation; hosting; domains and MORE
  • The Marketing Process…
  • Working full time, with only an hour or so a day to learn all of this


All of this is what has stopped so many people from seeing a profit more quickly.

And, as someone who made it through this maze, teaching others who to duplicate the process was…well….a slow boat to no where in most cases.

Too many gurus making money and too few Average Joes, right?

So, in a nutshell, Pure Leverage is going to help you move right past this “stuff” and right to the head of the class.

You create an account, log in and voila – instant blog, lead capture, autoresponders, videos, proven conversion techniques and more.

All YOU have to do:

  • Continue learning and educating yourself in our Back Office VIP section
  • Blog daily
  • Create one new piece of content daily – video, audio, blog post/text, etc.
  • Promote on social media
  • Engage on other blogs


We’ll teach you the rest as you go along.

So, what’s next? Join Pure Leverage of course!

Go through the training and then let’s talk, and develop a business plan and strategy that works for YOU!


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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


  1. says

    Thank you Jackie for the great info. It is very helpful. I have already bought the product but I really did not know what to write about. So I can now at least start blogging and create my own expertise and blog subjects/topics. This seems to be the best way because it is who I am and what I do. Thank You again.
    William Hargadon
    Newbie with PL

  2. says

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Pure Leverage platform. The thing that has most impressed me is the warm and welcoming community of fellow business minded thinkers!

    • says

      Thanks Carla,

      People are looking for an online business and a simple way to do so. And, I can only imagine when someone works full time, with a family and is a non techie, like me! They need simple. I love that this system provides that, and the ability to market any business, and create multiple streams of income!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  3. says

    Jackie, have been following PL for a while and enjoyed your insight about company. Trying to learn this internet stuff. Maybe PL is the way to go. Jay

  4. Tricia Perkey says

    Thanks, Jackie. I was looking for more info on Pure Leverage and you provided an excellent overview.

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