Your Online Marketing Plan – Begin With the End in Mind


Create a Direct Sales Success Plan Online Focused on Your Most Wanted Response


Begin With the End in Mind For Your Online Business PlanI was given some great advice when I was getting started and so I want to share what I was taught long ago by one of my earliest mentors in online marketing, for how to lay out your plan and strategy, starting with your most wanted response for your Direct Sales Business.

He said – “About Your Online Marketing Plan – Begin With the End in Mind.”

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Your Online Marketing Plan – Begin With the End in Mind

The Internet is a very efficient, effective way of locating high quality people all over the world, and even within 20 minutes of your home.

Now, think about what it is that you want to accomplish through your web presence, and then work it backwards.

Ken Evoy, a highly successful Internet Business Coach, taught me to always think of what my “Most Wanted Response” is in any situation.

I have determined my Most Wanted Response and I work it backward from there, and here is my thought process on this for the Internet –

Ultimately, I want to sponsor team partners into my Network Marketing business.

To do this, I must introduce my business to them.

For this to happen, they have to have a relationship with me and be open to looking.  I have to have presented my opportunity, sold myself and my partnership and answered their questions.

To get to that point, we need to have dialogue. I initiate this through my Auto-responders, designed to give them something of value and develop that “know me, like me, trust me” syndrome, which is so important on the Internet.

But, before that, how did we even connect to begin having a dialogue? In most cases, they find me.

They come through my own online marketing funnels; advertising programs; or my own efforts of marketing (warm market, vehicle web decal, business card, etc.)

Before I begin working with these prospects who come in, my system needs to be in place.

So, in essence, the system consists of –

My personal website/blog, or “hub of the universe!” This is where all of my marketing funnels send them to find out more about me and my business information.

Lead Capture/Auto-responders – for list building; capturing their name; email address and in some cases, phone, address and other information. From there, I can continue the relationship with them. Your auto-responder/list building will likely consist of two separate campaigns – one for providing generic content and establishing yourself as an “expert” (newsletter) and one with “business content”; for once they become interested in your business and opt-in to that list. (More on this later!)

Marketing funnels – how they find me.

So, in checklist order, here is what I do –

Get my web site/blog in order, with thorough details on me and what I am offering them, along with web site links to find out more about my business and the company.

My website/blog needs to contain plenty of content and value for my visitor and not be just a sales pitch. How many times have you landed on site after site and it’s nothing but someone trying to sell you something. Turn off, huh? You want to be different.

Work it right and the time will come when the visitor asks you about your business and that is just what you want.

Lead Capture Auto-responder forms need to be placed on the site, so I can capture their name and email to know they were there and to follow up. This also allows me to deliver immediate information to them, even if it’s 2:00am. (More on this later.)

Get my Auto-responder campaigns done (they are never REALLY done, but get them to a point that you can promote. The “tweaking” is ongoing!) These campaigns are what explain my business and partnership. This also includes creating a “free giveaway” or report to entice them for their name/email.

Get any marketing funnels that I am using ready. This gets people looking at my business RIGHT NOW!

Develop other methods of marketing – web decal, advertising, offline methods, etc.

I detail all of this in MLM, the Internet and You!

Follow up, follow up, and follow up – first by phone, if possible; next through a personal email; finally through your Auto-responder pipeline, which continues to drip information over time.

Continuing education – every day, find some way to educate myself on personal development, business education, Internet education, etc.

Unfortunately, many people get bogged down in the process of setting up a viable Internet system, quitting before they get to the best part.

The best part about setting up an Online Marketing System is that once it is done, for the most part, it is done!

While it can seem a little technical in the beginning, as I always assure people, I am not a technical person, I am a marketing person! Be willing to commit to the challenge of getting it done and you’ll be so glad you did.

So, get the technical part of setting things up out of the way first, and then focus 100% of your efforts on marketing your system. And, invest in ongoing education about new internet techniques. The Internet is still brand new in so many respects so new things are always popping up. Be aware and be the cutting edge.



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