Only One Way to Succeed In Your Business

Does this sound oversimplified for succeeding in a business of your own?

Succeed in Network Marketing by Just Doing It!Pick a business; or stick with the one you are in. Take the action steps that those who are already successful are coaching you to take. Keep doing it over and over again.

3 simple steps, and yet not so simple, obviously, because people quit business they never actually started every single day. Why is that?

My guess is, it comes down to FEAR. Fear of what the neighbors think; fear of not being successful; fear of being successful; fear of __________.

Here’s a challenge for you, though. Just do it! (Sorry Nike.)

You have to just do it.

What do you have to lose, really? If you just do what needs to be done, consistently and with passion, you will succeed. Everyone who follows this path does.

Why should you be any different?

Choose to be different.

Choose to be among the 3% and not among the masses.

Choose success and I promise you will not regret it.

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  1. says

    Hi Jackie,

    Just do it is sometimes so hard to do! 🙂 I find that when I take my focus off of myself and put it on who I’m talking to, “How can I make them feel more comfortable? How can I help them get what they need? How can I solve the problem they’re facing?” it takes away the fear and makes my job so much easier!

    That helps me turn just do it turn into just did it!!!


    • says

      Awesome Heather! You’ve got it right – take your focus off of yourself and put it on your prospect. This goes a long way in creating a bond where they know they are being listened to and heard. That’s a great gift!

      Thanks for sharing!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  2. says

    That’s so right on Jackie. You just have to do it! Decide what you want and go after it and don’t look back. Figure out how to make it happen and it will, never give up, just keep going after it. Believe that you can only WIN and give it all you have. Find your partners and move………..

  3. says

    Aloha Jackie,

    I love it! It is that simple isn’t it? Thank you for confirming what I knew in my heart.

    Oh, and I love your statement “when your why makes you cry, the fear steps aside”.

    Much love & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂

    • says

      Kellie, you and I share a similar journey with our “Why!” Being there with our children ultimately was the most important for us both. Your story is classic in how you got up at 3am to make calls because that is the time you had. No wonder your success is so HUGE! Congrats to you and how lucky your son is to have a mom who was willing to do that!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  4. says

    Hello Jackie,

    it has to do with confidence. When I am new in a field, I need some evidence that I am doing the right thing, some level of success. Success builds confidence and confidence builds tenacity. Just follow your leader is fine in a perfect world, but in this our imperfect world, this level of trust must be earned. Once I know that I am on the right road, agreed 100%. Persistence and consistency are keys to success.

    Kindest regards


    • says

      Hi Kai,

      Success does build confidence for sure. And, like learning to walk, or ride a bike, it takes action and getting out there. By following the leader, I mean to follow principles that have been proven to work over time. Each of us will adapt some to fit our own unique style!

      Thanks for sharing!

      EXPECT Success!


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