My Sponsor Never Calls

Are you sitting by your phone, expecting your sponsor to call and miraculously make everything a success in your business?

It’s not uncommon for a Network Marketing distributor to get upset when things aren’t happening fast enough; or the distributor is procrastinating and not taking action. Often, the first tendency is to blame the upline or sponsor.

Have you ever done this? (It’s okay to admit it, no one is looking. I’ll go first…I have!)

But really, here is the million dollar question – what would you want your sponsor to say to you if he/she did call?

Think long and hard on this question and come up with something good.

Would you want your sponsor to say –

How many people have you called today? This week? This month?

How many people have you followed up with?

Are you registered for convention?

Insert something else that might make you feel sheepish here!

It’s okay if you’ve done this. Many of us have. But, the thing to remember is that it is not serving you.

Not really.

It may make you feel better for a little bit, but deep down, you know. You KNOW it’s not your sponsor’s fault you aren’t having success, right? Let the buck stop here!

You have what you need already to make a huge success of your business.

You just need to get out there and “get ‘er done!” Make me a promise. Set a daily action plan. Set something you can really commit to, and then do it!

And, then comment here and let me know what it is! Let’s do some accountability together, what do you say?

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    I know I have been guilty of this early on in my business, and your right – I did have all the tools I needed to work my business! I laugh while reading this because when my sponsor did call, she always asked, “So, how many calls have you made this week?” or “What do you have on your books?”

    I soon realized that if I wanted to be successful, I had to do the work and allow my sponsor to be my support system!

    • says

      Thanks for taking responsibility Tamyka! I think many of us have done this at some point, and deflecting responsibility to others is always disempowering ultimately! We gotta step up and make it happen! Thanks for sharing!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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    I remember years ago thinking exactly that. Now I’ve learned that those who are actually working call you. It’s the opposite because it’s their business and if they have a question they call their sponsor to get it answered. You can only hold their hand so long and then it’s time for them to spread their wings and fly. You’re still their to support them, but they have to do the calling.

    I think sometimes we encourage our new distributors to be dependent instead of independent distributors.


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