Multiple Streams of Online Income

 How I Created Multiple Streams of Income Online


Multiple Streams of Income with Jackie UlmerIt’s rumored that Bob Proctor has nearly 90 streams of income! That is diversified. That is truly multiple streams of income.

He breaks the categories into:

M1 – defined as employment, trading time for money. By far, the largest percentage of the population make up the M1 category.You are highly limited because you will most always run out of time, before you make the money you want. “It’s the wrong track!”

M2 – A much smaller group, this is where people invest money to earn money. Unless you spend a lot of time to research and educate; or spend money on investors, it’s risky.

M3 – 96% of all wealth comes from this category. You leverage your time and money through multiple streams of income!

M3 is what I teach, preach and REACH! MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales – whatever you want to call it – it’s an amazing way to leverage your time and income, working with other people.

Here is what I have learned about multiple streams of income, as I have created them over the years. (And, why I would never be without them!)



Think about it….

People today are looking for:

More money

More time freedom

Less stress

A career they love


And, the list just goes on. You may be looking for some of those things?

And, while you are thinking about that, let me ask you –

Why are you here? What brought you here? Were you online, in Google, searching out multiple streams of income? Did you see this on social media and click to learn more?

Maybe you are on my newsletter list and I mentioned it?

Or, maybe you are already pondering a partnership together, and are still getting your questions answered.

Whatever the case, I want you to know a few things:

Success in an online business is possible, and highly probable when you are trained right and take action.

Creating multiple streams of income is also highly possible and probable.

Time and Financial Freedom is also highly possible and probable.

Are you ready for the lifestyle you deserve? Let’s work together to create this!

Here’s the video and system that makes it happen….

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Let’s have some conversation!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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  1. says

    Hi Jackie,

    Creating MSI reigns as a secret of wealth generation. If you open channels you cannot help but to be prospered. On the other hand relying on 1 or 2 sources of online or offline income forms the recipe for failure.

    Reach out. Brainstorm. Prosper.

    Thanks for sharing,


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