Moving From Your Comfort Zone to Success in Direct Sales


Moving From Your Comfort Zone to Success in Direct Sales


Stuck in Your Direct Sales Comfort ZoneWe all have a comfort zone – that place where we go just to the edge of, and then shrink back because we fear that it will be painful to move beyond the borders; to stretch and to grow.

Why not just stay where it is warm and comfy, right? Well, here is the thing, everything fabulous is right beyond those self imposed limitations! On today’s show, I’m going to share some of my own self imposed limitations; how I was staying stuck in my own comfort zone and what happened when I pushed beyond it!

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What is Your Comfort Zone, Are You Stuck in It, and What to Do About it?

What does that mean and how important is it?

I’ve mentioned 2014 was a year of searching, and 2015 has been a year of answers and growth so far.

Pay attention to what you resist – wisdom offered to me by one of my early mentors. Of course, I did not want to hear that at the time.

I have always had a huge resistance to in Home Business Presentations, Launches and Home parties. It stemmed from a lot of different things

In home presentations from Excel days, my first company. I had small children and it was just nerve wracking! And, I didn’t even want to contact my warm market then, so how was I supposed to invite them to my home for a “meeting” of one of THOSE THINGS?!?!?!

Party Plan – I have never really worked a party plan business, although I was with a company that should have been a party plan, and in order to better train my team, I brought in a great party plan trainer; took the training myself, along with fabulous notes, but never acted on it.

I had some thoughts about “sales” and my mindset around it was not good.

But, with my new business launch, I set some serious goals, and I didn’t want to just build online. I wanted to grow a local team and create the synergy that goes with that, and the faster growth!

So, I had to get real and serious. I laid out a plan. I set some intentions and affirmations.

I began seriously Networking offline, 3-5 events a week and started retailing right out of my purse.

I learned to ASK for the sale.

I reached out for Facebook parties – easy right?

I put a “Skin-it” decal on my laptop and started doing all of my computer work and Social Media marketing at the coffee shop. at the Coffee Shop

Why? Well, I had to tell myself – “Get out of your home, no one who wants your products is there.”

I’ve made sales!

I developed a crazy pitch – I sell mascara on Facebook. I offer crack for your lips and lashes.

I started wearing a name tag.

And, I did my first home party.

I laid it out. I relaxed. I took a deep breath. I made it fun, conversational and just shared from my heart and my passion about the products.

I decided to have fun, make new friends and just let it unfold as it would and it would be a fabulous learning experience if nothing else.

Guess what happened?

My Younique mascara and makeup home party launch!I sold $856 of product!!!! Me, the non party girl!!!

Following that high, I sold another $170 out and about the next day, and $30 from my website.

And, then $75 at a job and career fair the next day!

Dang, I’m unstoppable!

So, what does this mean for you?

Where are you resisting? What are your fears? What are they based on?

Are they serving you?

Who do you know who is doing what you are resisting and having success?

What areas do you want to change?

What will it take for you to step out of your comfort zone?

Are you limited by your beliefs, or your vision? A belief can be changed when the vision is big.

I have a goal – to build a VERY large local team; to dominate my area in my business; to create the bonding and synergy that happens with a local team that doesn’t quite measure up online.

To expand into Mexico when the company launches there and have a massive, fun, exciting, dynamic, rocking team!

To do that, I must get my business in front of more people locally and so the time was right and I am ready to bust through any limiting beliefs and that darn comfort zone.


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    This is such great training, Jackie. One can feel the enthusiasm in your voice as you revisit the party plan. I still recall you when you were reluctant to have parties. But what results you had on the night, too.
    This has inspired me to re-visit party hosting which I haven’t done for a while.
    Best of luck with your new venture!

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