Monday Mantra I Am Enough


Positive Self Talk – I Am Enough


Monday Mantra I Am EnoughWelcome to my new Monday Series on the podcast – Monday Mantras. The messages and self talk you run through your mind makes all of the difference in the world. So, today, the Monday Mantra “I Am Enough!”

Each Monday, I’ll share a mantra in the podcast, on the blog and over on my Facebook page, to help you develop success language to get you through the week.

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Monday Mantra I Am Enough

I am enough. What thoughts come up for you when you hear, read or say that phrase to yourself?

The dictionary quotes enough as – adequate, sufficient and fully.

What is it that cause us to feel like less than enough? We feel inadequate; insufficient and like we are not fully….enough.

How do you view success? What does success mean to you? How do you measure it?

It’s often a monetary way that we measure success. And, we base it on our work or career.

Work – how do you feel like you are, or are not enough? How might you become “enough?”

Relationships – how do you define my relationships and how do you feel like you are, or are not enough? How might you become “enough?”

Success – same here – how do you feel like you are, or are not enough? How might you become “enough?” What would practicing our Monday Mantra I am Enough – do for you?

Understand the timeline of success, follow up, longevity and consistency in your business, and learn not to measure your success by what happens TODAY, or who joins TODAY.

Shift your success measurement around the action steps that you need and must take to get you where you want to be.

Gratitude is the foundation of all success, and an important part of your life and business. Practice gratitude today just by looking around.

Ask yourself – do I have enough today RIGHT now, to survive? Am I fed, clothed, warm, have shelter?

Try a 30 day gratitude challenge where you jot down 10 things you are grateful for once in the morning and again at night. Watch how this moves you to the next level and creates more in your life.

Write it down – I Am ENOUGH.

That’s our Monday Mantra I Am Enough.

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