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Successfully Building Your Dream Business

I recently attended two very powerful events with Mike Klingler called Marketing Funnel Mastery. He presented things from the Winner’s Perspective – How to Always Be Winning! And, he broke things down into how to realistically and effectively draw out a plan to take your business from concept, to launch to success!

At the November event, in Los Angeles, I was honored to share a few minutes of my story with the audience. Here is the video –

One thing I am most proud of with my story is that I truly did build a successful business online in Network Marketing; not just selling “tools and secrets” to Network Marketers.

Now don’t get me wrong, a person needs a road map and some education on how to succeed, and you can speed up the process by carefully selecting training tools and resources.

Just be sure to choose a mentor and tools developed by someone who has really “walked the walk” and isn’t just talking the talk.

What does your business look like? I would love to hear.

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    Thanks Ray! I appreciate your feedback and comments. It was a great event and an honor to be asked to share my humble little story! I’m proof anyone can do it!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

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