Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales Business


Your Direct Sales Business Can Create Amazing Opportunities for You


Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales BusinessThis week’s Mantra and affirmation is – My Life is an exciting adventure filled with opportunity and reward. Let’s get into how to Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales Business, and I’m going to share my personal story of adventure this past week and the opportunities it created for me.

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I’m excited to share  with you that StreetSmartNetworker.com is now live. I have taken my 20 plus years of networking online and offline for success and created a training program to teach YOU how to create an endless stream of leads, prospects, sign ups and referral partners for your business.
A lot of people GO to networking events. But few know how to monetize them. Now, you can be one of those few.

“How come you’ve never shared this before?”

Ackkkk, busted. Well, sort of.

Truth is, I have shared this and taught all
of this before. But, mostly just to my own
Direct Sales Team.

Why? Because most everyone has always
been so caught up in being “afraid” of talking
to their warm market, that they blocked out
anything that was about creating

New Warm Market Offline!

Here is the funny thing about warm market –

Everyone IS a warm market to someone. So, even
if you attract leads online – they know someone who is
probably in a business their friend would LOVE….

And join…..

But, they don’t KNOW about it.

But, I digress…..

Yes, I worked my business 100% ONLINE
for over a decade, when I lived in a small
mountain community without a top light
and certainly no real offline networking.

When I moved to a bigger city at the beach,
and my children were grown, I jumped back
into the offline world of networking.

And, I sold over $17,000 in products
in a few short months as a DIRECT RESULT
of NETWORKING offline.

Here was the key though –

I learned and MASTERED a few key things –

One – I learned how to create a ROCK
SOLID Commercial (elevator pitch, etc!)

Second, I learned how to “sell without selling!”
(What the WHAT?!?!?! Yes, this can be done!)

Third, I perfected how to get my business in
front of ALMOST ANYONE with just ONE key

Fourth, I became a MASTER at follow up
and building relationships BEFORE the sale.


I mastered how to bring social media (Facebook
and LinkedIn, specifically) into the equation
and build MUCH faster relationships and
create interest in ME and then my business.

I was recently approached to teach this
at a training event, and it went REALLY well.

And, so I decided to do what I LOVE and
that is bring it online so everyone can
learn these skills.

That’s all it is – LEARNED skills.

Are you ready to create an endless
funnel of prospects, customers, team
partners and referral partners for YOUR

Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales Business

As I always say – write down our mantra each week, and commit it to memory. Say it – My Life is an exciting adventure filled with opportunity and reward.  – many times throughout the day.

Feel what those words mean to you. Close your eyes and visualize a scene of that happening.

What is adventure in your life and business?

What is opportunity in your life and business?

What is reward in your life and business?

I want to share a little of my past week.

Monday, I had an appointment to sign up a new client in my business. I chiropractic office who wants to do a  better jog remembering birthdays and appreciating their clients, and want a little Social Media training, too.

I plugged the address into Siri and set off. What an ADVENTURE. I ended up in the sticks, and felt sure I was lost, but decided to do my best and enjoy the sheer beauty of the adventure. It was fabulous, and I arrived right on time.

The peaceful drive also gave way to a phone call with a Real Estate agent in Idaho, who ended up being my latest team partner.

That was adventure, opportunity and reward.

The client meeting went great and I am getting them launched this week.

Another adventure, opportunity and reward. I met some great people, too.

Tuesday, I was invited to share my business and products at a Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn. It went great and I picked up some solid business leads, as well as had a great video shot and shared on my Facebook wall. You can see it over at my Facebook profile. Link in the show notes.

That immediately generated 3 leads online, of local people who are part of the Chamber and saw the video they had shared.

More adventure, opportunity and reward.

Always remember to Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales Business.

Thursday, I was invited to help so video interviews for several business in Arizona for part of a networking colleagues new project, Who is Arizona.

I debated cancelling, as I am not as far along as I would like to be on a project I am working on with my sales store and products, Facebook Ads and my marketing funnels.

And so the thought of a day shot was not exciting. But, I also knew it would be good exposure and get me in front of some highly connected people.

Boy, am I ever glad I went!

I am now a prominent part of that website, with my face and voice in a lot if videos. I also was able to create a professional, 3 minute video of my own that I can use on my own site and in promotions!

Very exciting stuff.

I also shared a 15 minute presentation to all of the businesses on High Tech/High Touch Marketing, how to generate endless leads. I have several prospects to follow up with!

Again, more adventure, opportunity and reward.

So, what are you doing to Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales Business?



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