Listening for Direct Sales Success


Listening is Your #1 Skill in Direct Sales


ListenListening for Direct Sales success and why this is the greatest skill you can develop. And if you think you know it all already, the is THE how for you. Let’s dive into Listening for Direct Sales success.

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Listening for Direct Sales Success

Listening truly is the greatest skill you can develop. It will help you in every relationship you have – spouse, children, parents, sibling, all family, friends and business associates. Seriously – everyone!

Michael Smith says – I know you understand what you think I said. But I’m not sure you realize that what you HEARD is not what I meant.

Network Marketing is about developing leadership skills, and it’s about developing others as leaders, too. The core skill is to develop and master the art of listening.

Do other’s GET what you are saying? Do they feel heard?

The big problem is that most of us listen with our own agenda, especially in prospecting situations. Instead of asking a valid questions and then listening authentically for the answer, we are on ready-set-go to respond with a pre-canned response, because we think we know not only what they are going to say, but what they mean. But, is this really listening for Direct Sales success?

We know what we are going to say, and we are happy with it. So, it;s not really SPEAKING that is the most significant part of communication. Instead it is the LISTENING.

Because when someone feels HEARD, you become the most interesting person in the world, and you now have an amazing opportunity to get your message across and have an interested person.

Now, this is not about tricking or coercing someone, it’s about lowering the resistance and encouraging the ongoing conversation.

Network Marketing is about relationships and that is about conversations. Conversations are about two or more people speaking and listening, authentically,

Become aware of how YOU listen. This will make you a better communicator. And, you might be surprised at your own listening skills, or lack of them.

We often listen in a way that sets us up to think about what the other person is thinking.

What do they think about me?

My involvement in Network Marketing?

How can I Impress them?

What are they wanting to hear?

How many times have you been in a conversation and those thoughts creep in?

How many times have you been looking for the perfect script, and seeking it from your upline and those who you encounter?

Have you ever heard no and taken it personally? What’s wrong with me or my opportunity?

Do you listen and want validation?

Do you desperately seek a family member or good friend to host a party, or refer others? And then when they don’t we get offended?

Have you ever thought that you know better then your prospect what is good or right for him/her?

This can greatly derail you, if you feel this way, because you place all power outside of yourself.

We make judgements about right, wrong, good, bad and so on.

How many times, in a conversation, have you defaulted to those thoughts?

Do you obsess over what people think of you? Their opinion of your choice to create a career with Network Marketing?

Be willing to let people off the hook who you know are not ready at this time.

Do you have FOMO – a fear of missing out? Change that to JOMO – Joy of Missing Out.

Be willing to commit to doing the right thing, creating a true win-win, and saying – I want the very best for YOU. Not me, but you!

Never lose a friendship over business. It’s not worth it.

Decide to become a powerful listener.

Be willing to “walk a mile in their shoes.”

We all come from unique situations and as much as we think we know; we don’t know!

A no has nothing to do with you.

Listen for cues – what’s going in their world, their life, and what makes this not the right time?

Have faith – you will sponsor some of these on down the road.

At the same time, listen for possibilities and cues. You just never know! People will come back to you. Leave that door open and never burn a bridge.

What you listen for shapes your reality and when you listen in a way that honors your prospect, that will reward you on down the road. When the time is back.

Focus on becoming a great listener and watch how your business grows!

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