Lessons From the Last Times in Life

Be Grateful For the Lessons In Your Life


Even the negative ones….


I recently took a 2000 mile, 12 day road trip to move my parents. I shared the experience with my audience through my newsletter and I got so many responses that I thought it might be great for the blog…so it “lives on” ha ha!Road Trip and Business Lessons
Enjoy and I would love your feedback!


I’m in a small town in Northwest New Mexico this weekend, getting my parents packed up and ready for the movers to come on Monday and relocate them to Phoenix, Arizona.


Warmer weather; near my brother; better amenities and a whole new adventure opening up.


Moving After 30 Years!And, my 81 year old father and 77 year old mother are ready for a change of scenery. Stressed – YES, but also READY. (For it to be over!)


So, we have had a lot of this is “the last times” lately.


For me, this is likely the last time I will grace this small town’s city limits…and for that, I am glad.


As I drove into town, I had a “sneer in my stride” as I silently said – “this is the last time I will EVER be here!” I was filled with negativity and resentment just driving into town. (This is not the town I grew up in; my parents moved here after I graduated.)


It’s the only place I have lived where I was truly unhappy. That’s actually pretty good, to only have ONE place, I realize


And, I know it wasn’t the place, but rather “life circumstances.” Choices I had made, but didn’t want to “own” at the time.


(Can you relate to that at all? Ever had a life situation that you were angry about but wanted to blame everyone else for?)


But, feeling this “sneer”…this negativity…didn’t really feel good about my past.


So, after some serious thought, I made a decision not to look at this “last time” in a negative way. I decided to focus on gratitude around what my time and experience here gave me.


Driving into town, I drove by the airport, where I met my  husband for the very first time. (I made a decision not to like him after my first encounter, but that’s a story for another time.)I Met My Husband


I pulled over to the side of the road and looked at that small town airport, where my airline career began. And, memories started to flood my mind. And, I smiled.


As I drove on, I realized that I wouldn’t have the life I have had I NOT lived here for a short time, and gone through the life circumstances I did.


I wouldn’t be married to the man I share my life with; would not have my children; or any of the past that I DO love and cherish.


20 Year WAHM CareerSO, what a gift this “small town” has given me.


Sunday, I will drive to Durango, Colorado, where  ”who I became” began and unfolded. We will do lots of this is “the last time” in some sense.


It will be just my family of origin – my parents, my brother and me. We will drive by our old house; our elementary, junior high and high school.


We will eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant and then meet up with extended family for what will surely be a final reunion for some in the family.


Monday, we will pack up an entire life and relocate what remains of it to a new state, new city, new home.


Exciting times….really…..


What I have learned along the way is to make


“the last times”




Have you ever walked out of the office of your boss and said -


This is the LAST time, he/she will ever speak to me that way….


Have you ever dropped your child off at day care, kicking and screaming (not you, but your child….or maybe you, too!) and said -


This is THE last time….I’m going to make a change.


And, maybe you have struggled with “last times” in your business…


Struggled making it a success and decided to make THAT the last time…


Throw in the towel…




Give up…..


I urge you not to do this.


Instead, look at the gifts you have learned from each step in the journey….


Just because you don’t have the financial success you  want right now does not mean you never will.


Success, really, is just a series of failures along the way….failures we learn from.


Working on out own blueprint can take us a long way to where we want to be,


Here is a podcast I did earlier this year on your M. L. M. Blueprint.


If you are struggling, maybe take some time this weekend to review it and see how things might Improve.


Your M. L. M Blueprint
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Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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  1. By the way, you have a beautiful family…you're blessed!

  2. By the way, you have a beautiful family…you're blessed!

  3. Wow…truly a lovely and meaningful story. I love your openness and sharing from the Heart is real. My mind is made up not to 'give up,' but to 'step up.' If you travel the road long enough you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to being part of your social community.

  4. Wow…truly a lovely and meaningful story. I love your openness and sharing from the Heart is real. My mind is made up not to 'give up,' but to 'step up.' If you travel the road long enough you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to being part of your social community.

  5. Thanks! It was a great lesson in life and business!

  6. Everything we go through in life gets us to where we are today! I’ve lived in a few places I would never go back to, but I’m glad I had the chance to live there and have the memories. I really like your blog, Jackie, and I wish you all the best in your business.


  7. I loved this, a story that made you realize how things although bad for you would be different if you did not go through it. people sometimes say I should of done this or I should not have done that….its the old saying its meant to be and your life wouldn't be this great now …you are a very fortunate loving beautiful woman who still has the different generation of love alive and well. thank you for sharing …

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