Karin Lehmann Life Business Coach Interview


Karin Lehmann Life Business Coach Interview


Karin Lehmann Interview - Life and Business CoachOn today’s show, I interview business and life coach Karin Lehmann, and she takes us through some strategies to find our life’s purpose and get unstuck! Pay attention to the Life Questionnaire and Puzzle Pieces! Great tools!

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Karin Lehmann, Life and Business Coach

Karin Lehmann is the author of the book ALIVE, and the creator of Karin Lehmann International., She is a life and business coach and has created an amazing toolbox to help you get unstuck and get more out of life and  business by identifying your true calling.

She helps you get out of your head and into your heart.

Learn more about her at KarinLehmann.com and get her book.

The Life Questionnaire – http://bit.ly/lifequestionnaire

Puzzle Pieces we refer to – http://karinlehmann.com/puzzle-exercise

Get a the first chapter of Alive – free!


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