Interview with Million Dollar Party Girl


Lynn Bardowski, The Million Dollar Party Girl

Interview with Million Dollar Party GirlOn today’s show, listen to my interview with Million Dollar Party Girl, Lynn Bardowski. You are going to love today’s show!

Learn how she left a six figure corporate career, and a company car to pursue direct sales and her dream of having control in her life!

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Interview with Direct Sales Million Dollar Party Girl

Corporate Executive Lynn Bardowski turned in her car keys and gave up her cushy six figure salary to pursue her passion of being her own boss and taking back control over her life.

How did she do it? Listen in and get the scoop.

We cover:

Her background and how she started in Direct Sales

What were the first 6 months like?

When did she quit her job?

Challenges and Obstacles?

What are 3 qualities one needs to succeed in Direct Sales?

When did she “find” social media?

How has that changed her business?

How does one “manage” social media without it taking over one’s life?

What are her favorite social media platforms and why?

Her Blog Post on How to Collaborate with Small Businesses and Grow Your Direct Sales Business!

And, details on her upcoming Periscope and Facebook live course!

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