I Told This Guy Not to Join My Business

Not Everyone is Right For Your Business


I told this guy not to join my businessAnd, that is okay….you aren’t looking for just anyone who can fog a mirror.

In my early days in my network marketing business, I just wanted someone to say yes….anyone….

Do you ever feel this way?

And, that’s what I put out to the universe. “Just give me someone, anyone!”

I had a downline report filled with names of “anyones” who weren’t really serious. They thought it was more like buying a lottery ticket.

So, after a number of years, I have “wised up” and now I have a strict criteria of who I want to sponsor into my business, and I am not afraid to “just say no” to those who are not a fit.

My recent prospect, “Joe” seemed perfect. Most people would be salivating over his credentials.

Highly successful in another career, but no residual income; multi six figure earner already; good knowledge of business and understands the reality of building a business -

“I already know it takes time and money. I realize there is a learning curve, and it could take me a while to begin to earn an income” he said.


(It’s a bonus for me when people say that to me; so then there are no shockers when they aren’t making a six figure income in their first month!)

But, the problem really came when he spelled out for me what he is looking for -

Something totally automated….

No warm market (I get that, we can work with that!)

No calling or selling – the company does all of that.

No real contact with the people who would be joining the business.



Well, if anyone finds that magic pill, shoot me over some!


If it were THAT easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

C’Mon. Who buys that stuff?

And, at the end of the day, I want everyone to find what is a perfect fit for them, their goals and dreams and how they want to run a business! That’s the beauty of our profession and being an entrepreneur.

Here is where I saw the biggest challenge, for both of us. He wants residual income, and he wants to use the internet as a system.

But, he has no real interest in Internet Marketing or learning how to do it, but wants to automate his system. Doesn’t want to put any time into the online piece, but sees it as a necessity in today’s environment.

I closed my eyes and reflected back on my 14 years, learning about online marketing.


I’ve self-studied and self taught myself -

WordPress and Website/Blog Set up


Auto responders

Copy writing

Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (Video Marketing)

I’m coming along with Instagram and Pinterest  ;-)


I’ve lost loads of hair, loads of sleep and missed many meals learning it…and have loved every minute of it…mostly….


That is how I know it’s not right for him – if you don’t feel passionate and want to jump out of bed to work on your business each day….then something is missing….(Hmmm, that sounds like another blog post…,I like the topic!)


I wish him the best, I really do, and will continue to grow a steady business that has less attrition than most because of the “human touch” and the passion I feel toward what I do. I hope he finds the same, I really do!

High tech is fantastic – high touch is the glue that holds it together.

THAT is what creates residual income, and a happy team you can share success with.

Not everyone is looking for that, and that is okay!


Know what it is you represent. Know the value in your business, your time and your coaching. Be clear on “who” you are looking for and the character traits that matter to you.


And, never be afraid to say – I don’t think my business is for you. If they agree with you, you have saved yourself and them a lot of trouble. If they insist on joining, then maybe you were wrong and time will tell. That’s worth being wrong over!


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Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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  1. I always tell my teammates not to sponsor anyone they couldn’t see themselves working with for the next 20 years! You don’t need anyone. Have good posture and confidence and look for good people.

  2. Alonso Davis says:

    Hi Jackie you are so right most people are really looking for a free lunch thinking that all they have to do is just sign up and dream about making the big bucks and when that does not happen they will always say oh I tried that and it did not work. People fail to realize what it really takes to make it in this wonderful profession the internet is great but you still have to talk to people whether on the phone or in person the greatest networker in the world was God and what did he do he spoke to his 12 disciples to get the word out to the masses.

  3. Jackie, I enjoyed your post. I speak with people everyday who are looking to automate their businesses. And, I tell them this. Network Marketing IS NOT a sales business. It is a relationship and teaching and mentoring business. I have high retention and low attrition in my business. Why? Because, I take the time to get to know my business partners. I make time to work with them. One of my goals is to help each one of them more than anyone else could or would. And, by doing this, they “stick” with me. I’d rather have 5 leaders in my business who are still with me a year from now than having to constantly sponsor new people to replace those who have quit. We cannot create that kind of retention via automation.

    • Thanks for weighing in Stephen! We can “automate” things to a point, but nothing beats the relationship!

    • This is some really good advice Stephen. Nothing will replace building a friendship with someone and looking them in the eyeballs. Five locally sponsored that you have a relationship with are much better than having 20 long distance reps you’ve never met, and haven’t been able to build a relationship with.

  4. Very food article thank you! :)

  5. Very food article thank you! :)

  6. Wonderful article! :-)

  7. TThanks, Jackie, that was very helpful.

  8. Thank you Jackie, As always your point is well taken. Having been a business owner for over 40 years I know that not everyone is ready to be one. In MLM I realize that everyone does not have the mind set to build a business, however even so I too am ready to put warm bodies in just to have a downline, I think I won’t do that any more. They may be good customers but not business builders.

    • Thanks for weighing in Frank! Actually, putting people in who are not interested actually creates more stress, doubt and lack of belief in yourself and your business.

      It’s dangerous! There are tons of people out there who are looking and ready! Just make sure you are talking to people each day and sorting! You’ll find them….or, they may find you, online!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

    • Frank,

      Good point. Most people are not cut out to own a business. Make those folks customers and look for a few winners like yourself to build a team with.

  9. Hey Jackie!
    Great post! I think we’ve all been there. Starting off, we’ll take anybody, because we want to know it’ll work for us!
    But after a while, and a few too many drop-outs because of unrealistic expectations, or extreme high-maintenance individuals who refuse to take responsibility for their success, and you learn that IF you’re building a Network Marketing business for a Lifestyle, then having a bunch of people who want constant hand-holding or you building their business is counter-productive.
    I want to help as many as I can, but I’ve learned it’s okay to tell people maybe we’re just not a fit.

  10. “I already know it takes time and money. I realize there is a learning curve, and it could take me a while to begin to earn an income” he said.

    Wow! – I don’t usually run into people who understand this off the bat and STILL think there’s a “Magic Pill.”

    You’ve made a great point, Jackie! Sometimes saying, “It’s not for you” is the best decision for everyone. Thanks for the great insight!

    • It’s rare that someone “gets it” – but people how have owned a business and/or make a great income already and are looking for time freedom DO get it, typically.

      It’s the employee vs business owner mindset!

      Thanks for weighing in!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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