How to Find Prospects For Your Business


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One question I am asked frequently is – How do you sponsor so many people into your business?

I adhere to one simple philosophy in my business, and it’s so simple, most people either miss it, or ignore it.

Are you ready for it?




I talk to two new people daily about my business (or 14 weekly!)


That’s it! Seriously!

So, the next natural question is – how do you find these 2 new people to talk to?

This question really does tend to blow me away. I mean seriously, people are EVERYWHERE, and people who are looking for a solution to their finances are EVERYWHERE.

So, the REAL question is – what are YOU willing to do to find 2 new people to talk to?

I meet people offline all of the time. So do you! At the store, at the post office, while shopping, eating out, etc. I also attend networking events, expos and job/event fairs, and put myself out there to meet people.

I also have a warm market, and so do you. Have you let these people know about your business? I hope so.

And, I network and meet people online. It really works the same way online. Whether it is Facebook, or LinkedIn, Meetup or any of the Social Networks – meeting and building friendships and relationships with people doesn’t change!

This video is OLD (3 years is ancient online) but the philosophy has not changed! So, here are my tips to attraction marketing online.


Now, don’t get bogged down by the concept of branding! Your brand is “who” you already are! Just be you, be authentic, and connect with people!

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer




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    Thanks for this! You have great tips! I’m new to direct sales/network marketing and have been wondering how to approach online without being pushy. Love your personal website/blog idea. I think I will reopen my old blog that I let go… :)

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