How to Establish Credibility With Your Direct Sales Market

Credibility is Critical to the Success of Your Direct Sales Business

Build Credibility in Your Direct Sales Business!Do you have it?

If you focus on selling the value in your product, your opportunity and your support as an upline leader from the very beginning, you will excel at what you do. Sharing nothing but hype does nothing for the long term, stable success of your business. Hype fades quickly when one realizes that it is just smoke and mirrors.

Here are some ways to create instant credibility with your prospects –

1. Know your product and opportunity – be able to speak confidently about what you are offering. This creates trust and rapport. People will respect you when you know what you are doing.

2. Know what your prospect wants – it has nothing to do with you and your wants. Your prospect is a unique individual and has his/her own ideas of how your product or opportunity will fit into their life.

3. Be detail oriented – it takes very little in time or financial investment to be detail oriented but it speaks volumes to your customers and prospects in a time where customer service is sorely lacking.

4. Follow up after your initial contact or product introduction – don’t wait for your prospects to get back with you; most of them won’t. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Be the professional that makes the first move!

Try these simple techniques and see what a shift it makes in your business. I welcome your comments and feedback below.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the feedback Randy and Twila, you didn’t make a mistake – you had a learning experience, so it’s never a bad thing! Good for you for being willing to learn and grow!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  2. Twila Jacobs says

    This makes me think I made a mistake. I intoduced our product to a couple of people at an office and left catalogs and samples. I figured if they wanted something or more information they would contact me. Up until reading #4, I felt like I would seem “pushy” if I returned. I see now I should have returned a couple of days later and presented myself in a manner of not a salesperson per se, but as a professional inquiring if they had any questions about our products that I could answer after they reviewed the information.

    Thanks for making me see it in a different perspective!

  3. says

    Yes, this is spot on.
    Why? Because every prospect is looking at you asking, “What’s in it for me?” It’s called the WIIFM concept for we marketers.

    The “knowing your product/service” WIIFM factor tells the prospect that you respect them enough to do your homework on your own wares, thereby giving you the credibility to show how it matches their needs.

    The “know what your prospect wants/needs” WIIFM factor tells the prospect that you care about HIM.

    The “be detail oriented” WIIFM factor puts the prospect in that “sweet spot” where she feels catered to and fussed over.

    The “follow up” WIIFM factor satisfies the prospect’s need to feel pursued or wanted. It’s a visceral desire that we all have, even if we’re unaware of it consciously.

    Well done, Ms. Ulmer!
    May the Most Holy Lord God Almighty bless you in ways you can neither foresee nor comprehend in Jesus’ name.

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