How to Become a Network Marketing Professional


How to Become a Network Marketing Professional

Become A Network Marketing ProfessionalWelcome to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show #88.

It’s exciting isn’t it? You’ve started a Network Marketing business and embarked on the journey and career of a lifetime. A career that can be a game changer for you in so many ways.

So, how do you ensure that you become one of the 3% – one who goes on to build a professional Network Marketing organization, income and career?



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How To Become a Professional Network Marketing Professional

Now I don’t have any solid stats on this but based on many conversations over the past 20 years, I have determined that about 80-90% of people who start a network marketing business have a dream of building a full time income! career! and leaving behind a job and truly having and living the life of their dreams.

Does that describe you? What are you seeking from your network marketing business?

The steps to become a professional in your Direct Sales Network Marketing business are simple, really.

First, you decide.

Then, you make the commitment to develop the basic business skills needed to achieve this goal. By basic, I do mean basic. There is nothing hard or complicated about it. There are no secrets and there are no shortcuts.

Finally, you share what you’ve learned and what you do with everyone you encounter. You share with them that there is a simple way to get everything they want from life and business. Simple, but not easy.

Easy to do, easy not to do. It’s as simple as that. Play on words intended.

Think about a surgeon, a pilot or an attorney. Would you want to be operated on by a surgeon who hadn’t gone to med school, but is excited about this career choice and has watched a number of YouTube videos? Or, would you strap in the airplane of a pilot who makes paper airplanes, builds and flies toy airplanes and has watched YouTube videos? Or, an attorney who watches judge Judy on TV and cops?

No! Of course not. So why would network marketing be any different?

Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Outliers, talks about 10,000 hours to master ANYTHING .

In Network Marketing, that would be 4 hours a day for 7 years – and here is the deal – you can make great money along the way.

Posers, players, pros – ignorance on fire

Your education doesn’t cost a lot of money. Unlike surgeon, pilot or attorney.

Success is completely non biased – age, gender,  background and education, demographics

 Simple, non complicated

Professionals avoid blame. They look in the mirror. Understand this one thing – success or failure begins and ends with you. Everything will change the day you take full responsibility for your network marketing career.

Be your own best coach and accountability partner in your Network Marketing business!


1. Decide what skills you need to develop and then go develop them; one day at a time and one step at a time.

2. What qualities do you need to have so people want to join you? Do you have those?

3. What does your daily action plan look like right now? Will that take you where you want to go?

4. Realize that you are not better or worse in this business journey, you are just along a different phase in the timeline. What’s the next step you need to take to get you to that next level on the journey?

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