How Affirmations Help You Succeed In Direct Sales

How Affirmations Help You Succeed In Direct Sales

One Positive Thought Can Change Your DayI had heard about affirmations for a long time before I took the practice seriously.

Heck, I’m a positive person, so why would I need to spend time focused on repeating some words over and over.

Then, I read a book called Affirmations of Wealth, and my mind was shifted.

I began to study others in business with big success stories. And, I found that many of them have a morning routine that involves reciting their affirmations and spending time in visualization and positive thoughts.

If it worked for them, then why not for me?

I began to practice affirming my Network Marketing success. I began to visualize all that I wanted to have, do and BE!

Mostly the BE, because who we become is the greatest gift of all about Network Marketing.

Here is a short, one minute video of some affirmations you may want to start with.



Here are some things you may want to do to make your own practice stronger –

1. Write yours our on note cards.

2. Take a photo of each note card and save it to your phone, in an album.

3. Twice a day, read these affirmations and focus on feeling the positive thoughts around achieving all that you want.

4. When you have moments of doubt, and we all do, read these over and over.

Practice daily affirmations for success in your network marketing business. Believe, feel it, align your vision with what you want and you will achieve it!

Here are the success affirmations in this video –


I am a person of worth and value. Success comes easily to me. 

Every day you’ve got to hit the ground running in pursuit of your dreams. The past doesn’t matter. The future is calling.

When I open the mailbox there is always a check for me.

I am attracting leaders into my business and the team quickly grows and duplicates. 

I learn the skills I need by taking action in my business. Success flows to me easily. 

Let’s be epic.

I plant seeds of hope, promise and success and share this with the world. Each day in my business I plant seeds, and water them. I have faith and wait for the harvest. 

– Today, I take action steps that move me toward my goals and I am Fearless, remembering that one small step can change the course of ,y life.

Good vibes only. 

I never give up. I know that there are no endings and each day is the promise of a new beginning. 

Today I focus only on asking good questions and quality conversations because I realize that when I feel fearful, I’m too focused on myself. 

Be authentic. You are a classic!


  1. Judy TeSelle says

    Jackie, you always know what to say exactly when I need to hear it. Thanks, girlfriend. You are the best.

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