Haters in Direct Sales


Those Critics and Haters in Direct Sales


Haters in Direct SalesMost of us have a few critics in our lives, especially about our decision to start a Network Marketing business. On today’s show, I’m going to share my personal story of “Mean Janeen”, my former neighbor who tried to make me feel small when I invited her to take a look at my Network Marketing business, and how I chose to handle it. You may have a “Mean Janeen” in your life, too!

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Haters in Your Direct Sales Business

Who’s your “Mean Janeen?” If you’ve ever heard me share my story of struggle in the early days, you may remember my “Evil Neighbor”, Mean Janeen.

In a nutshell, I finally got up the courage to go next door, ring her doorbell, carrying my “prospecting packet” for my business to share with her. Oh, I am SURE I said way too much when she answered the door, and I opened my mouth to talk about my exciting new opportunity, and maybe she 

would want to explore the possibilities?

She – SERIOUSLY – threw her head back,  CACKLED in a very Halloween Witchy sounding laugh, slapped her knee and said – YOU got involved in one of those? They NEVER work….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

I don’t remember what she said after that because my ears started ringing, I felt a white hot rush of anger and humiliation rise up and she began to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me – WAAA WAAA WAAA.

I managed to slink back home and stew in my self pity for a few hours, and when I finally “Snapped out of it”, I made a decision RIGHT there.

I made a decision to PROVE HER WRONG. And that is EXACTLY WHAT I DID.

I let a negative experience fuel me with drive and ambition.

I moved out of that neighborhood, and moved on from that era of my life. And, I moved on from her. BUT, I have never moved on from the power she ultimately provided me with through her own short sightedness.

Funny thing, she still lives there, on Divorce #3, one kid had some drug trouble, and her daughter has issues, too. I know that sounds like I am judging her. I’m not really. I have no need to. But isn’t it ironic….

Who’s YOUR Mean Janeen? Let’s work together to let ALL of those “MJ” in our lives fuel our drive and passion!



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