Practicing Gratitude and Appreciation Instead of Focusing on Challenges

“Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For And You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For.” -Chuck Danes

Jackie Ulmer's Gratitude JourneyLast night, while on my evening walk, I had traveled about a mile when I realized I was knee deep in negative thinking. I was stewing over this issue and grumbling over that little thing. And, it was really getting in the way of my walk.

It’s been an interesting summer of changes for me, and while I choose to look at the door opening instead of focusing on the one closing, some of the events left me really feeling like I had made some business choices that were a mistake. And, yet, there are really no mistakes. Only powerful learning experiences. But, that is for another day.

So as I looked around and caught myself in this “stinking thinking” phase, I clapped my hands together hard (thanks Anthony Robbins) and decided to focus on appreciating my environment; the walk and my health; and all that I encountered along the way. This was going to take me much further than mentally fighting a battle that is already over.

It’s amazing how when we get into the spirit of practicing gratitude and appreciation, how small our challenges become. And, how much more there is to be grateful for and appreciate.

As I looked up, I was passing a house where the flowers are always neat and beautiful. It’s always decorated cheerfully to fit the season and holiday. Inside the house, is an older couple who still care for their middle aged, Down Syndrome daughter.  I regularly see them out walking; gathering pinecones and celebrating each day. As I passed by today, a neighbor was delivering a pie or some sort of dessert. Wow, people still do that? I love it! What an expression of the little things and the joy they bring.

It was easy to get into a state of extreme gratitude and continue on my way.

A few blocks later, I passed three children jumping up and down on a trampoline and giggling like crazy. Again, it brought a smile to my face and appreciation for such a wonderful walk filled with fun.

As I continued on, I passed yet another house where a family of 9 live; 7 kids, the youngest of whom is about 4 and is also a Down’s Syndrome child. On this evening, she was out watering the flowers that also line that house. Inside, I could see some of the family setting the dinner table and lots of family chatter could be heard.

I felt like I was peeking in on the Walton’s.

Now, what was it I was being so cranky about as I began my walk? How bad are my troubles, really?

I have my health; my amazing and supportive family; great friends; amazing business associates. I live in a beautiful place; spend lazy time on weekends soaking up sun in a boat on a lake; and spend other weekends on the beach.

I have the ability and the knowledge to create anything I want out of my life, so why let a few bumps in the road bring me down? Why put my focus there; when there is so much more to be gained through appreciation and gratitude?

One thing I learned along my journey in building my own business is that the true prize is in ENJOYING the journey and every step of the way. And, there is always a little rain on any journey of length.

So, my focus now is squarely back on gratitude and appreciation. I appreciate you for sharing this piece of the journey with me!

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“Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For And
You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For.” -Chuck Danes


  1. says

    I have fought this type of mental battle often since losing my 8 year old son to sudden liver failure 5 years ago. If I allow my mind to go down certain roads, it can easily cause a downward spiral that takes a while, sometimes days, to emerge from. And like you say, no matter how much you resist it, you can’t change something that is already done and over.

    Someone once said it is impossible to be unhappy when you focus on counting your blessings. I work hard to train my mind to do just that.

    I think you are awesome, and I appreciate the Network Marketing knowledge you share with the world. If a door recently closed for you, it’s because God has something better in store!

    Be blessed!


    • says

      Wow Michele,

      Thanks so much for sharing something so painful. You are a strong person to be able to even look at training your mind. I look forward to connecting soon and know we will chat soon. We keep missing each other.

      Thanks again and I am sending you cyber hugs and blessings.


  2. says

    Hi Jackie

    Thank you for your insight into the now issues with a little of past things entwined. I very much enjoyed your article here and found myself realizing that we really don’t need to sweat the small thank you for that.

    Your Friend.

  3. says

    Hi Jackie!

    I loved this article! It really brought home the idea that you can change your thoughts any time and direct them to something more positive, productive or just mood enhancing. How great that you were able to get into the present moment and enjoy your walk. We do have so much to be grateful for. I regularly have to remind myself not to wallow in the thoughts that plague me regarding my business. I am pretty aware of those thoughts and when I notice, my higher wisdom says, “forget that…keep moving forward!”

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda says

    Wow! Seeing this today was just what I needed. Thanks for sharing your experience. It helped me re-focus on what’s important.

    • says

      Thanks for commenting Linda!

      Yes, it was a very fulfilling walk and realization. I have discovered a new way of dealing with challenges and questions. Instead of asking “why” I am now thanking God and saying – Thank you for providing this “growing pain” that stretches me beyond where I was willing to stretch myself!

      It’s making a huge difference already!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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