Four Year Plan For Success in Direct Sales


Success in Direct Sales in 4 Years


Four Year Plan For Success in Direct SalesWe like to say that success in Direct Sales can easily be achieved in 4 years when you have a strong why; an action plan; and you take action on that plan daily. How would you like to know The Four Year Plan For Success in Direct Sales?

What? Can success in Direct Sales really be achieved in 4 years? Absolutely. If you follow a simple success formula in Network Marketing.

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Four Year Plan For Success in Direct Sales

It’s important to know that success in direct sales is not about get rich quick. If someone has told you to expect this, then run far and run fast.

Steady, stable and growing networks that generate residual income for decades are very rarely get rich quick. You must build for longevity if you want it to last and create the income and lifestyle you desire.

The hardest part is to stick and stay til you get your pay.

Here is what you want to make sure you have in place to fulfill your 4 year plan.

First, set a realistic expectation of how fast it’s going to happen; how fast you are going to act; and what it’s going to take.

If you want to develop a 6 figure income, you must first develop a 6 figure mindset and as important, a 6 figure work ethic.

Next, write out your action plan. This is so simple in Network Marketing. The problem is that most people think about what needs to be done; they study the concepts behind what needs to be done; but they don’t actually ever take the action because of fear and doubt.

So, let’s suspend fear for now and visualize yourself already having the success you desire.

Look at that action plan you’ve written out and ask – what would I take action on today, right now, if I did not have fear?

Now just take that action. Let go of that fear. Do the thing that scares you and see that you actually do survive it!

Know the fundamental skills you need to develop and work on that every day.

I’m often asked – how many people should I talk to each day? The answer is- the number you need to in order to feel like a success and begin to see success show up. Feeling successful comes before being successful.

Learn how to make a viable list; what to say to contact that list; how to invite; present; follow up and ask them to join you. Know the steps to take to get them trained and launched.

Rinse and repeat – do this over and over. As you do this, you will shape yourself into a leader. And, you’ll further develop the leadership skills you need to take your business to the top.

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