Facebook Blunders

Facebook is an awesome tool for finding prospects for your business and products. But many people aren’t really cashing in on the benefits.

Instead, they are creating many social media blunders and just plain ole wasting time out there.

One big blunder that I repeatedly see people make is being a “drive by” social media participant. Are you guilty of this?

You may be asking, what is that exactly? What makes someone a “Drive by” participant?

Well, if you are guilty of never doing more than “liking” comments, you are guilty!

If someone posts a status update that asks a specific question, and you simply “like” it, without answering the question – that is being guilty of “Drive by Social Media!”

Remember that social media marketing for your business is all about relationships, interactions and allowing people to get to know you! The more yo comment and interact with people, the better you are going to become at creating an interest in you by others and building those relationships.

Make sure you are making 3-4 status updates of value, combining social, personal and business. And, no blatant posting of your opportunity!

And, are you taking advantage of groups and pages for even higher engagement and interactions?

If you want to learn how to set up a power timeline, engage with others, use groups and pages effectively and REALLY maximize Facebook for your business, and sponsor more people who come to you through this method, read Facebook for MLM and Direct Sales Profits!

Catch the relay of my recent call on Social Media Blunders!

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer



  1. Karyn Cooks says

    Good morning. I always love the drive by metaphor. So easy to visualize!
    There are some benefits to simply “liking” a post. It will appear in your “ticker” — that’s the scrolling real-time column that shows you everything your connections are doing on Facebook, right then and there. Sometimes I have mine on — especially when I’m looking to discover new people, places, products (these are FB’s) core assets.) I turn it off when I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the firehouse of 1000 friends or I’m forced in my client work.

    Also, the more likes you can amass in a play’s first few hours will determine whether Facebook continues to surface that post for someone logging on many hours later.

    Last, Facebook’s new Graph Search, announced yesterday, will make it easier for anyone to connect the dots between their friends’ interests and activities, much of which will be based on information about their likes.

    That said, we still need to be conversational because, well, we’re social creatures who sometimes need to park the car and actually step inside to say hello. 🙂

  2. says

    I guest for me it seems everybody is looking for somebody. However, do we send them a message, and ask if we can connect by phone? Question 2, without actually mentioning the business before a phone conseration, are we assuming they are looking or we’re just checking to make the offer?

    • says

      Hey Lela!

      Every conversation is going to be a little different, as each person is different. I would connect about things other than business first, unless you happened to get into a business discussion as the result of an interaction in a group on facebook, or something like that. Find common areas of interest to talk about, and then you can ask if there is a time you can chat for a few minutes, and get to know each other better. Then, see where it goes from there!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  3. says

    Hi Jackie,

    What if I liked your question, but didn’t really have an answer to it at the time? Would it be better to just observe the conversation passively, as opposed to clicking the “like” button?

    I don’t mean to be argumentative, but I’d honestly never realized that clicking “like” instead of commenting could be a social media faux pas. So I suppose I’ve learned something today. Thanks 😉

    • says

      Hey Todd,

      Great question! (I am “liking it”, ha ha!)

      I can see where if it is really a thought provoking question, one might not have an answer. But there are many times where I see “likes” not only on my own question but other’s as well, where there’s no rhyme or reason –

      “What are you making for dinner tonight? Anyone have any good salmon recipes?” Someone likes it – does that mean you DO have good salmon recipes but you aren’t going to share?

      Or sports questions – who do you want to win tonight, Lakers or Clippers?

      Does that make sense?

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  4. Shelly Allen says

    “Drive by” participant… That’s hilarious.

    Jeez… Social media is such a great tool when used correctly.

    I mean look at me and you… It’s how we met;)

    Plus over the last week it’s how I gained two new team members!

    • says

      Good question Lorina and there is not much you can do. Sometimes, people make status updates and then “abandon” them, meaning they never come back and engage with those who participate. Sometimes, life gets busy and it just happens. I know occasionally I can be a few days before getting back if I’m busy with other things but I do try to stay on top of it!

      But hey, there are about 900,000,000 on facebook now so keep at it and you’ll find PLENTY of people to interact and engage with 🙂

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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