Discipline, Distraction and Daily Habits in Direct Sales


How to Eliminate Distractions and Get Disciplined for Daily Actions

Discipline, Distraction and Daily Habits in Direct SalesDo you struggle with Distractions and getting Disciplined in your Direct Sales business? I recently asked the question to the community about what you struggle with and thank you to many of you who answered.  We are covering procrastination, developing a daily action plan, setting habits and more in our show on Discipline, Distraction and Daily Habits in Direct Sales.

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Discipline, Distraction and Daily Habits in Direct Sales

I love today’s topic because it brings up all of the issues that I personally have struggled with in my Direct Sales Career. So you won’t hear me say – oh, get over it!

I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be there!

Wendy asks – I struggle with taking daily action and getting new habits set.

Let’s start with WHY and Vision, and also what is it you are struggling with? Are you blocking time for those 2 income producing activities that we do in Network Marketing?

Write down your action plan and those habits you must do!

Mary asks – Fear of making phone calls!! I will put it off and avoid avoid avoid- even doing housework to avoid. I love your podcast, and feel inspired and ready to take off in my business when listening, but just like always, fear of the phone knocks the inspiration right out of me.  I love what I do and get told all of the time by clients and newcomers to parties that I am good at this,  but when I have to call for bookings, I convince myself I want to quit every time. I survive and get by as a part time business (full time SAHM of 5) on word of mouth, but I know if I could overcome this, I could do so well. Booking in the moment and recruiting in the moment haven’t been successful because I seem to be surrounded by women who are as busy as I am and not looking for a career.
I would love to turn this love into a successful career now that kids are in school but this issue gives me a stomachache, keeps me up at night, and right now even- I break into a serious sweat!

Yes, many do struggle with Discipline, Distraction and Daily Habits in Direct Sales! I sure did. Thanks Mary, for being so real and authentic.

3 pieces to this – Phone Fear, Success Language and Talking to the right people.

Could you text or send a Facebook message to introduce your direct sales business, instead of using the phone to call?

What are you saying that creates a win win to your potential party host? Why would she open her home, her refrigerator and her rolodex for you? Success Language is  everything.

And, I get it on being surrounded by other busy moms who don’t want a side business.

Get yourself out in front of business people. Introduce to everyone, but know that business oriented people usually get it faster.

Helen says – My biggest obstacle with my home based business at the moment, I feel is the fact that I do not have enough discipline and I am easily distracted.  In addition to this, I also work as an English and Italian tutor (I do this right now to put food on the table, I am a single mom with NO support from my ex.), and I am having a difficult time deciding how to share my working time between the two businesses. (eventually I would like to stop working as a tutor and dedicate all my time into growing my business.)

How strong is that why and what will you sacrifice to get there? How badly do you want to be full time in your business?

These are things that many of us struggle with, so you are not alone. That is where your vision for your life is so important!

Discipline, Distraction and Daily Habits in Direct Sales

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