Developing Your Story

Never underestimate the power that your own story has to engage and interest your prospect.

After all, he or she may share some of the same desires, interests and motivations to develop a business. Each of us has a very powerful story inside just waiting to be shared with others.

Spend some time developing your story so you know how to lead into any conversation about your business. This will help with your “30 second story”; sharing at a business overview; contacting others on the phone, etc.

It starts with asking and answering some important questions of yourself –

What was the main thing that caused you to join your company?

Why are you working your business? What goals would you love to achieve?

How do you see yourself having fun and making money? Besides the money, what would you like to achieve through your business?

How much do you believe in your business; yourself and your ability to learn and master the skills to take you to greatness?

Here’s a secret – it’s all about sticking with it long enough to master the skills needed. When Michael Jordan first walked onto a basketball court, he wasn’t a slam dunking pro. Robert Kiyosaki did not make an overnight success of his first business.

Here is a big clue – forget about immediate riches and that rock star lifestyle. It all comes, with time and business development. Instead, focus on taking one step at a time and mastering the basics and fundamentals.

You will probably feel very uncomfortable making your first phone call to a prospect; your first phone call for a home party booking; your first follow up phone call; and first customer care call. You might even struggle to call the first few people you sponsor into your business.

This is normal! And, understandable! And, you must face the fear and do it anyway. That is what stretches and develops your muscles and skills.

So, with that, begin the first chapter of your success journey and don’t stop until your masterpiece is created!

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