Developing Your Ability to Succeed

Is There a Secret Behind Goal Setting and Achievement?

Jackie Ulmer's Path to SuccessYes, and it starts with something called “realistic expectation!”  A big mistake that many of us make is believing that some people are born with more drive, ambition, motivation and ability to succeed than others. We stunt our own potential for success when we accept this belief.

Success comes down to a few things, and if you really think about it, you can look at your own goal setting; success rate and failure rate and measure how you are doing.

Success requires effort, strategy, persistence, commitment and personal motivation.And, a realistic expectation of the time and process it will take to be successful.

Instead of looking at these factors, however, we tend to blame our failures on just “not being good at something.” We have a false expectation that achieving our goals means we start out being good, when in fact, we most often start out being mediocre, or worse, down right bad.

But, with those 5 items above – effort, strategy, persistence, commitment and personal motivation – we get better, and become great. Are you willing to stick it out to become great?

Think about your goals and ask yourself – am I willing to put forth effort;  develop a strategy; be consistent in that strategy and taking action; make the commitment and keep myself motivated? And, do I have a realistic expectation of the time involved to get me there?

Try this as you are setting goals and see what happens!

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