Crushing It in Network Marketing Summer Series

Do you slack off in the summer in your Network Marketing and Direct Sales business?

Do you tend to think that no one is interested in looking at a business; attending a business overview; booking a party, etc, during the summer?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of “convincing” yourself that “everyone” is gone on vacation and “no one” is interested in the summer.

The fact is – true need and desire never takes a vacation and the ole – “You can’t do it right to the wrong person or wrong to the right person” holds true no matter what. When someone is looking, it doesn’t matter what the season.

Please listen in as Scott Manesis, Rose Mis and I chat about everything from procrastination during the summer; online business building; is warm market dead; and some of the struggles I went through in building my business.

Summer “Crushing It In Network Marketing” Series

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