Creating Wealth While Staying Happy and Hungry


Creating Wealth While Staying Happy and Hungry

Creating Wealth in Network Marketing Without the StruggleOn today’s show, let’s talk about creating wealth while staying happy and hungry.

Do you ever feel like you struggle with creating wealth in your Network Marketing or Direct Sales business? Do you wonder when success is ever going to show up? Do you find yourself taking more action, doing more, or falling into procrastination?

As I coach my Direct Sales clients on creating success in their business, much of the time it comes back to mindset, beliefs and that feeling of struggle we often have. Once we can get to the root of that. and move through it, all of the rest of it falls into place.


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Affirmation – I create my life with vision. I focus on the positive, and the universe easily delivers positive results to me….


Are You Struggling in Your Pursuit to Create Wealth in Your Home Business

Let’s talk about some keys to “struggle free” wealth creation…

Do you ever feel and acknowledge that you have – ENOUGH? How often do you hear anyone share that feeling?

Very seldom, I am guessing.

Contentment around “where you are” and your current situation has less to do with what’s happening on the outside, and much more to do with your vision, and what’s going on inside of you.

It’s the vision you are using to view your life, and where you are headed.

Let’s start with focusing on what you already have. Look around you and find some things to appreciate and feel grateful for.

It really is true that more will show up when you do this.

Find some way to be content with what you have NOW, and expand that to keep moving toward what you want more of.

Finding contentment does not mean you should never stretch or want more. Not at all.

Instead, it means that you want to focus on Happy, and still Hungry.

Happy with where you are today, in this moment. And Hungry to continue your journey and find more of what you have and want.

Questions and actions for you –

Look around, and note what you have “enough” of right now.

What do you feel you don’t have enough of?

How might you find contentment within the two?

Take a few moments to focus on areas in your life where you feel “rich.” How does that feel, after you focus there? How does your soul feel?

What are you happy with and what are you hungry for?

Practice a feeling of gratitude for both.

Life will give you as much as you are open to receive

Paul “Bear” Bryant, one of the winningest college football coaches in history didn’t focus on what his players did wrong. Instead, he replayed game films of what was great; what he wanted more of; and he inspired his players to put their attention there and continue to get more of that.

The subconscious mind is the source of all that we manifest in life. Your inner pictures create your outer reality.

If you can imagine something clearly, and then conjure up the feeling of what it is like to have that already, then your mind begins to accept that experience as real.

What we concentrate on and turn our attention to is what we will get, and what we will get more of.

Taking inspired action is important, and having a clear mental picture of where we are going is even more critical.

Ernest Hemingway – Never mistake motion for action.

If your actions are not taking you where you want to go, step back and evaluate your vision first, and pay attention there.

Questions for you:

How much time do you spend focused on what you don’t have, what you do not want and what is not working?

How much time do you spend focused on what you do want and what is currently working?

How might things change in your life if you shifted that just 10 percent, to the positive? What about 20-25% and more?

Take a survey of your home and surroundings. Do the things around you inspire you and make you feel uplifted?

If not, release and rid yourself if whatever is not putting you in a good place.

You can’t have a solid vision and procrastinate. Your vision will pull you forward.


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