Are You Challenged With Keeping Your Business Focus and Avoiding Distractions?

prioritiesMost of us are faced with it at some point – we get distracted; we are challenged by prioritizing our “to-do” list and seeing the job through.

Well, how’s that working for ya?

Do you lay out a daily; weekly and monthly business plan for your Direct Sales business? Do you know how to make the most out of the smallest amount of time? Is what you are doing going to get you where you want to go?

Success, especially in your own business where you are the boss, demands that we learn how to filter out those things that do not move us forward in our business; and are in fact just time wasters.

Here are some very simple steps to take to keep yourself on track; develop that business filter and know at all times if you are headed in the right direction….

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  1. Darielle, thanks for sharing! Yes, it's easy for most of us to get caught up in the busy work and not always taking steps toward our end goal. Email and Social Media can be time wasters, big time! Once you get on a path of discipline and focus, you'll be amazed how much you get done and STILL have time for Social Media Marketing and email!

    I look forward to chatting this next week!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  2. Darielle Archer says:

    Thanks for reminding me that daily focus along making the choice does this action take me forward to my goal.  Sometimes I get bogged down and need to remember do what I can that day be proud of that accomplishment and keep working the action plan. Thanks again

  3. Hey Jackie,
    This is a very relevant and timely topic, because there are so many distractions for the home based business owner today…especially on the internet! Thanks for this post.

    The Cartoon Coach

    • I think it was much easier 10 years ago, when I started online. There is much better/easier training on things with YouTube videos and WordPress and such, but there is also so much more noise, distractions and experts!


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