Create More Business With Compelling Direct Sales/Party Plan Success Language

One on OneReady to get more Bookings? Increase Your Sales? Create More Interest in Your Business?

Great, let’s talk about a powerful component to your sales and show process that we often don’t give enough thought to – your word choices! How carefully have you designed the scripts and language that you use in your party, sales and follow up process?

We have a tendency to fall into making our conversations more focused on “I” and “Me” and not nearly enough on “You.” Your goal is to develop a story that engages your audience as part of it.

Surveys have shown that a big complaint among home party attendees is the company representative who tells her/his entire life story. Boring – no one cares. Remember, you are building relationships and creating an interest.

Here are some examples of how to turn an “I” story into a “You” story.

“How would you like to eliminate one bill each month from your budget? That is what I was looking to do when I started this business. Did you know that by doing just one show a week, you could add an extra $800 to your monthly income? What would you do with an extra $800?

This is what I focused on when I started my business. That extra $800 allows me to make the car payment; provide guitar lessons for my daughter; and there is still some “mall money” left for me.

I never thought a career in Direct Sales would be a fit for me, and I was scared to death, actually. What I found, though, is that it’s a fun way to meet people and a great way to spend my “working hours!” It sure beats sitting in a cubicle. If you know of anyone who would like to have fun and add some extra income, I would love to send you home with some information.”

Now, think about how you ask for bookings. The most commonly asked question is – “Would you do me a favor; I really need your help; Would you like to book a party with me?” Yuck – that sounds like all work and no fun for the host! Where is the win-win?

Instead, sell the benefits!

“Sarah, it was so much fun having you here tonight. I would love to spoil you and your friends at a Girl’s Night Out! We could pick a fun theme like a Hawaiian Luau or maybe a Chocolate Lover’s Party? We have several fun themes that you and your friends will love. And, I’ll show you how to get those items on your wish list for free. Let’s get our calendars together and pick a date.”

Now, doesn’t that seem more fun for everyone than – Do ME a favor?

Finally, there is your Opportunity Story – how you share the way your business has changed your life and plant some seeds for others.

You’ll be sharing why you love your company; what is has done in your life so far and the future you anticipate. Consider using a “WHY” bag. This contains visual props that represent your reasons “Why” for your business. Choose 4 or 5 items that tell your story.

 These visual aids from your “Why” bag are very powerful in creating the story and impact. This is a bolder explanation of why you are involved; why others have gotten involved and why others might want to get involved.


An example –


“I mentioned my fear of getting started with my business a little earlier, and I wanted to take a couple of moments to share a few more details about my business in case you might be looking for a way to stay home; earn a great income being the boss; or you know someone who might want to find out more.


My husband was the one who first brought home the concept of Direct Sales and Network Marketing. And I was a big fat skeptic. No way was I going to do something like that! I really did not want to know more, but he insisted that I at least explore the potential. Even though I was skeptical, I was surprised to discover that I could not stop thinking about the possibilities that being my own boss and creating some really significant income offered.


What if I could out-earn my airline pilot husband?


One of the first things I did was write down some goals and I would love to share with you a few that have come true as a result of my business with XYZ Company. First, here are pictures of my children, then and now – my goal was to never have them attend day care. I accomplished that goal. They’ve never set a foot in a day care and I was always there to be their room mom; volunteer in the classroom; bake cookies and brownies; go on field trips; bring them home when they did not feel well at school; and be there with them and for them.


Another cool thing our business did was allow us to purchase a boat. We live 7 minutes from the lake and my son is an avid water-skier and wake boarder. You’ll catch us from May to October on the lake several times a week, and we would love to be there even more. (I have a toy model boat to show.)


Now, this next one is really a dream that I have had for years. I have always had the dream of a beach place in Ventura. That dream came true in August 2008, and we now enjoy both a mountain and a beach lifestyle. Here is our cozy place at the beach. We love having family time and entertaining friends there.


Finally, this rock, inscribed with the word PEACE represents peace. For me, it’s peace of mind that comes with no longer worrying about money; lack of time; a boss; a set vacation schedule, etc. The greatest gift for me about this business is the peace of mind it offers.


As you watch what I do, and you are looking for a change, or a little more peace in your life, please let me know if you would like to learn more. There is a place right on the Client Care Card that you can check and I’ll be happy to send you with some information. Relax, you’ll never have to worry about me pressuring you or making it “salesy.” It’s important that the decision be right for you.


If you would like to create a WHY bag and make some things happen in your life, a career with XYZ company might just be right for you. Please let me know. And, if someone comes to mind as you are here, I would be happy to pass on information for them, or contact them directly.”


Remember, make your words powerful, engaging and about your prospect.

Spend a little time with how you might create a story that shares about you, but in such a way that your prospect sees themselves in it, too!

 EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

I would love to hear your feedback and comments. Let’s exchange ideas below. Just leave your thoughts/questions.

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  1. Angelique Fourie says

    Thank you Jackie, for your insights. So many successful networkers can often not tell you how they got to be so successful, simply because they did not keep track of how they did it. Your ideas and honest feedback is truly appreciated

  2. says

    Hey Tom,

    Good question! In the beginning, for me, I shared the success stories of those in my upline and others in the company. My goal was to share what was possible, knowing that by doing this, I would build my own story.

    People don’t really care that much about what WE are up to – they just want to know that whatever their goal is, it is possible.

    Does that help?


  3. says

    Thanks for the advice Jackie,

    Question: When you bring a new person on board who does not have a direct selling history what kind of story do you recommend they tell?
    Tom Falconer

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