Business Lesson in My Shrimp Tacos

Sometimes, Business Lessons Come to Us in the Strangest Ways


Business Lessons Learned Over Shrimp Tacos….even over lunch, with shrimp tacos I didn’t order…. (Yes, there is a business lesson in this!)

This past week was fun. My husband had vacation and we decided to do a “stay-cation” since we are new living at the beach and having “july weather in January….”

We saw movies…went whale watching…had manicures and pedicures (yes, he loves being pampered, too!) Enjoyed lunch and dinner out, coffee and more!

And, we went wine tasting in Santa Barbara, 30 minutes up the coast on Friday. It was so cool, we walked 3 blocks to the bus stop and took a luxury motorcoach ($6 each round trip, no kidding!) complete with wi-fi and electric device outlets right to downtown Santa Barbara.

We shopped, dined, wine tasted and diligently looked for THE perfect place for lunch.

We found it and I excitedly ordered the grilled whitefish tacos with a stellar sauce….and waited….with great anticipation…


(I know, you wonder what this has to do with BUSINESS, so stay with me!)

When lunch came – ACK – the plate had grilled SHRIMP tacos and no whitefish to be found….anywhere.

Now, I am not a shrimp fan, by and large. Don’t hate ‘em, don’t typically order them and never eat more than 2.

It’s a “texture thing.” You might be able to relate. I’ve met others who do.

Anyway, there is almost nothing I despise more than sending food back in a restaurant as a “disgruntled, picky customer.”


I think you know where I am going. There is a fear of what might come back and whether the “bitter kitchen crew” might be “mean” to your new order….

I know, none of us like to go there, but…..


When I gently summoned our server over and told her, she was extremely apologetic. And, immediately went to correct.

Before she left the table, however, she said to my husband -

“Do you want these? You are more than welcome to eat them as they will just go in the trash!”

I’ve never experienced that before, and he was thrilled!

Shortly after, my sizzling hot fish tacos arrived, covered in a fabulous sauce and I was – ONE HAPPY CAMPER.

When our server delivered our check, she did so with another heart felt apology, and $5 off our bill, just for my “inconvenience.”

I was blown away; thanked her and told her that she REALLY didn’t need to do that.


Here is where the business lesson kicks in -


To succeed in business, here are a few things we should always concentrate on:


Create WOW in your encounters. This isn’t that hard. You know “Wow” when you see or experience it. Think about this and how can you incorporate some of this into your own business and dealings.


Under promise and over deliver.  This is a slippery slope for so many people, especially in Network Marketing and MLM. Hype plays a big role in it, too. So, be careful what you say, what you promise, and always make sure you deliver on what you SAY you will.


Apologize when you are wrong. Can it be more simple? We all know, inwardly, even if we don’t want to admit it, when we are wrong. Be the big guy, (and gal) and don’t be afraid to admit mistakes!


Work hard to create raving fans! Give, give, give and then, you will get. You REALLY will. Be kind, share ideas, be humble. Share success and share mistakes. Once people know you are real, they will rave about you, your service or product, and partner with you!


Do all of this sincerely. Ditch your own agenda. Be sincere with people. Think about it – you know when you have your own agenda in mind. It’s when you can’t wait for the person to whom you are speaking to shut up so you can jump in with something magical, sure to sell! Remember, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!


Here is the thing -


My lunch was good. I waited extra time for it, and I was hungry, but they WOWED me, so I got over it.

A simple mistake wasn’t a big deal, but they made me feel like a million bucks and no remorse for letting them know the error.

They created A RAVING FAN!


In fact, so RAVING that I have shared this with over 10,000 people so far.

By the way, the restaurant is Sandbar, on State Street.


How can you learn from this in your business?

Work to create raving fans. It’s not that hard, really.

Just go the extra mile. Reach out, build relationships and get to know people.

Work to make things right, always.


And, be yourself.


Here is an “oldie but goodie” blog post I did a few years back about how to REALLY connect and build relationships on Social Media.

Building Relationships on Social Media


And, remember that it works the same OFFLINE.


Get your own agenda out of the way. My server did…well.. sort of….because of course she got a big fat tip!

And, while we all have things we secretly wish for, we learn that there are ways we can get those AND serve our clients and “would be clients!”

Know your own”benefit statement” and live by it!

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  1. Jackie, we never know when we’ll get a business lesson moment! I love that this restaurant and waiter presented you the “wow” factor and now you’re letting so many others in on your excitement. You tied that in really well to business. I also agree that we have to drop our agendas and just be real with our customers/clients/fans. Being real is the best (and only) way to go. Thanks for this fabulous post!

  2. Yep, good one!

  3. Reminds me of the old "Rule of 200". A Wedding statistic, meaning everyone you deal with is either 200 people for you, or again'st you.

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