Build Your Business With Urgency – Today’s is the DAY!


NOW is the perfect time to build your business; to put yourself into massive, consistent, effective action. Not yesterday, it’s gone. Not tomorrow, it never comes. But right now, this moment, in this day.


Build your business with a sense of urgency to get things done for your future. And, building for the future all takes place TODAY!


Let go of the “all or nothing” concept that so many of us have. Some of these pitfalls include –


“I only have a few minutes so I shouldn’t call any leads.” WHAT? Make ONE phone call and applaud yourself for that. It’s one more action step in your journey.


“I work full time and it’s easier for those who don’t.” Not true. Everyone has their own challenges to work with and for those who work, you are out in the mix daily and what better time to begin to make some connections with people. Adapt a natural, fun way of doing this.


“Only the ones who got in early reach the top.” Recently on my Team Call, our VP Charlie Umphred shared that “the beginning is not necessarily the best time to get in to a company.” I know in my first business, MANY major top income earners came in after I started, which told me a thing or two!


TODAY is the day to create your future so you have so much more of it to look forward to.


So, what steps are you capable of taking today? Will you make just ONE phone call? Pass out ONE business card? Ask ONE person about a fundraiser? Home Party? Private Business Reception? Conference Call? Suggest your products?


In less than a year, my son will turn 18 and become an “official” adult. I’m not sure whether to smile and celebrate or cry. IT’s gone so fast, and it just keeps going faster. He’s moving into programs that support him in his desired career path and it’s mind blowing to watch it all unfold.


How could we already be so far along in time that he is ready to begin studying his career path? Where does time go? How can he possibly take this first MAJOR step away from me?


What I can smile about is this – I made the decision to always be home with him. I made the decision that I would do whatever it takes to be there. I heard his first words, was there when he sat up, crawled, and I watched him take his first step, wave bye-bye, play on his first team, ride his bike, go to school on the first day and on and on.


Today, I get to be there when he takes another step on his path.


If I had not made that commitment to pursue and succeed in a home business, I would have missed so much of this, and may not have been able to take him today to pursue this exciting personal journey.


Build your business with a sense of urgency TODAY! Begin taking YOUR first steps in your exciting personal journey so you can be there for the moments you hold priceless!


It is not always EASY, but it is SO WORTH IT!


EXPECT Success!


Jackie Ulmer


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