Build Your Business For Your Children

One of my first mentors in my Network Marketing career shocked me right out of “procrastination and excuses” and into success when she said to me – Stop using your children as an excuse NOT to work your business and start using them as your reason why!

Ouch! And, I’ll be grateful forever –

Are you challenged with this? Is it helping or hurting your business, if you are being honest? Share your challenges in the comments below and let’s tackle them together!

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  1. says

    Hi, Jackie,

    I can see how Network Marketing can empower the next generation to respect others and to cultivate that ‘having it all’ attitude.

    For me, as a mother of three grown up daughters, I can totally relate to what you have shared 🙂

    I was trained as a Social Worker. I appreciate network marketing in that it raises people to a level that they would never have imagined had they not been into the personal development (which is a huge part of the success journey). It is such an empowering business model that I have chosen to use “Building Trust…Building People… Building Lives” as my tag line. With the help of technology, people with disabilities can do well too 🙂

    I appreciate your sharing this wondering message.

    Viola Tam

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