Authenticity in Your Business

Have you ever struggled with “Who” you should be in your business?

Do you feel that the only way to be successful is to try and model someone else who you see as successful?Are You Authentic in Your Business

After nearly 17 years in home business and the Network Marketing profession, what I’ve learned is that YOU are the best tool you have in your business. People buy into people; and your best move is to show people who you are authentically.

Here’s the reality – you don’t need to try to be like anyone else to be successful. When you see someone speaking on stage; charged with lots of charisma; motivating crowds of people – that is GREAT. But not required for success.

Are you out there on Social Media re-tweeting and re-posting everything you see the “leaders” doing? That’s okay to some extent, but make sure you are also revealing who you are, and what you are about through your own voice.

All of us have gifts, talents and strengths. Determine what these are for YOU and then work to further develop them. Not only will this be more empowering to you personally, but it will empower those in your business to also know that they do not need to recreate themselves to be successful.

We don’t want to be in the “clone” business. This is about freedom, and trying to be someone else is a lot of work, and NOT free!

You can do this as YOU! And that will always be the best fit for you and everyone!

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    Thank you for teaching in this post and in the way you conduct your business “Authenticity”. Mike Klingler really paid you a wonderful compliment today. YOU deserve it! Way to lead out in “real” networking.

    Have you had your Evan Pegan experience yet? I certainly hope you have the best of a GREAT end of September.

    Best of success,


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      Thanks Jim. I did have my “moment of glory” and learned a TON! I intend to have THE BEST September ever, end and all, and hope you do as well!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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    Hi Jackie,

    I agree, but (in addition) I would love to know what you think about developing a “niche” specialty. Listening to Marie Forleo (who you turned me on to), she said that’s fine, but not really necessary. Maybe it comes down to what piece of the puzzle truly turns you on. Any thoughts on this topic?

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      Lisa, great question and one I am personally very excited and passionate about.

      Marie was the first one who talked freely and openly about the subject of being a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” and this spoke to me deeply. I share the same vision and challenges.

      There are MANY things that interest me and I have a HUGE interest in being, and remaining very diversified – both in income streams and the areas of life/business I focus on.

      The Internet blew that door wide open, in my opinion and I think that is one reason I jumped on it back in 1999. I saw very quickly the huge potential it offered to truly – Profit In Your PJs.” That concept was and is SO exciting to me!

      I know people who work from home day trading. They don’t have to get dressed up, commute to an office, or focus in one particular area where stocks are concerned. They can create a broad portfolio, thus creating more security in their income (as much as one can secure an income these days!)

      I love cooking. Very soon, you will see the cooking blog I am working on expanded and monetized. It’s a passion and as I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk – NOW is the time to cash in on that passion!

      Does that help? Thanks for the dialogue! I love it!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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