Attraction Marketing Online and Offline For Your Direct Sales Business


How to Attract More Leads to Your Direct Sales Business

Attraction Marketing Online and Offline For Your Direct Sales BusinessAttraction Marketing has become quite the buzz word, online, and honestly, it has its place offline, too. Here’s the “How to” on being an attraction marketer, online and offline. Attraction Marketing is a term that has been bantered back and forth a lot, so let’s chat about Attraction Marketing Online and Offline For Your Direct Sales Business!

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Attraction Marketing Online and Offline For Your Direct Sales Business

Being an entrepreneur is a unique gig. It is not always 8-5, and people sometimes ask me in a negative way why I might work on weekends. I find it interesting that the days of the week one works would determine one’s success?

If you know how to network offline, you’ll naturally know how to network online and not be a spammer and turn everyone off. It’s not an advertising platform, by any means.

My Story before the Internet.

I already had nearly 6 years and a team of 10,000 going on before I went online.

I had joined the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and was an Ambassador and was in front of people on a regular basis.

And, yes, I had BIG fears. Direct Sales at these networking events was not very common except Mary Kay and maybe Avon.

I took nearly 12 years off from Networking when I moved to Lake Arrowhead. When I re-entered the networking scene in Ventura, WOW – it was filled with Direct Sales – most of whom are going about it ALL WRONG.

Master your Message so you can Monetize your Message.

Know how to give a solid commercial that is engaging, informative and more like an infomercial than flat out advertising.

Know how to work these effectively!

Learn how to draw people into the networking event. Develop some simple ice breakers and get them talking about themselves.

Comment on something they are wearing. Mention their accent. Find something to get them talking!

Build your top 100 list of clients, past and present, referral partners and future clients.

Figure out how you can provide value in what you know and offer. Position yourself as a resource for them and who they know.

Don’t make the mistake of leading with your opportunity at these events! These people are here at these events to promote their own business so approaching them at this event is a turn off.

Doesn’t mean they won’t be open, just save that for the one on one that you are going to schedule for later!

I am able to easily share and demo my business in about 20 minutes using my phone, our app and the videos.

Don’t take your network marketing business online out of fear. You’ll most often fall flat on your face.

Here are some things to avoid online –

Messenger – do not blatantly pitch and then especially apologize for it!

He needs Facebook Cold Marketing Prospecting!

And, he was receptive and he bought it! Here’s hoping he improves his prospecting skills for all of us!

Don’t turn off the very people who you would most want to sponsor?

Making new Friends sample –

Hi Kim. Nice to connect and thanks for the friend request! What prompted you to add me?

I’m a networker so I like to do more than just rack up “friends”

Tell me a little about you? Looks like you are with Keller Williams? Great company. How long have you been in real estate?

I also see that you are a Brian Klemmer student! Awesome. Me too. And my hubby went to MU too. We have a lot in common! But do I also see USC?

Remember to always be involved in active prospecting as well as passive marketing! This podcast and blog post is passive marketing.

Offline – join fun groups. I’ve just joined a Bunco group to meet new people in my area.

What will you do for Attraction Marketing Online and Offline For Your Direct Sales Business?


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