Are You Mentally Prepared to Succeed in Your Business

Mentally Prepare for Business Success


Mindset For Success!Have you prepared yourself mentally to start; develop and succeed in your Direct Sales – Network Marketing business? This is a crucial step in getting your business ready. What is your belief level right now? How far have you come with your dream book and your vision? Have those tools ready to assist you once you get started.

You will have some challenging days in this business. You will have days when you are ready to throw in the towel because someone said something to you that you allowed to hurt your feelings.

If you are mentally prepared to deal with these challenges before they occur, you will breeze right through.

I’m going to tell you a few facts right now –

1. In the beginning, you will be extremely underpaid in your business. You may do the math after the first month and find that you only earned 20 cents an hour. You may do the math the second month and find that you only earned 40 cents an hour. But, three years into your business, you may also find that you earned $100, $200, $300 an hour or more. Will you “stick and stay until you get your pay?”

2. In the beginning, it will seem like you are pouring money into your business with nothing much coming back. You will wonder if it’s worth it. I know people who have gone $20,000-50,000 in debt, developing their multi-million dollar businesses. I know that they had many days of self-doubt and fear that they were making a mistake. Today, they would assure you that it was the right move. They were able to do this because they had a strong belief, vision and commitment to what they wanted in their lives. Do you?

3. If someone has led you to believe that you can replace a fulltime income in a few months, or that you will be a six figure income earner at the end of year one, you may be in for an unhappy surprise. Can these things be done? Yes. Is it the norm? Absolutely not. It takes time, a business budget and consistency to make it happen. You will get there, but it may take two years instead of one. Still, how great is that?

4. There are going to be some people that you care about who will not support you in your business and may even laugh at you. That’s okay. This is not about you. This is some insecurity in them and has nothing to do with you. As difficult as it may seem, do not take it personally. Let that inspire you to move closer to the top and ultimately reach the top.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my former neighbor. She was the one who looked at me like I had horns growing out of my head and was the stupidest person on the planet. She told me I was crazy. After I got over being hurt and mad, I let that experience push me and drive me to success. She is my former neighbor because I ultimately moved onward and upward from that neighborhood, and found other neighbors and friends. Don’t let anyone squeeze your excitement and enthusiasm.

Begin right now to see your business as your full time profession and a part of your every day lifestyle.

Prepare your “elevator speech” and rehearse it to perfection. Then, when someone asks you what you do, don’t tell them you are an Administrative Assistant or whatever. Tell them you are “a small business owner, marketing…….”

Practice will make perfect at this. Let your business really integrate into your life.

Let your business become part of who you are.

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