Am I Normal? Building An Online Business

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Am I Normal, Building an Online Business?

Started a Home Business and now you are wondering if you’ve lost your mind? Your friends think you are nuts? You think of nothing else? Guess what – You ARE Normal!

It’s 3:00AM and instead of sleeping, I’m trying to figure out how to get listed near the top of the search engines. Am I normal?

Am I normal? I pondered that question this morning while I quickly checked email one last time before shuffling the kids in the car and off to school.

Am I normal? It crossed my mind again while racing back toward my home office as I watched a group of moms head to the bagel shop for coffee and a chat.

Am I normal? This afternoon, as my neighbors talked intensely about the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, my mind kept wandering back to my web site, and I wondered if that was normal.

Those around me tell me I should quit thinking about business so much and just enjoy my children, which I do, but I still wonder, am I normal? Is it wrong to want more?

Am I normal? My friends look at me as if they’ve seen an alien when I tell them that I’m never going back to my corporate marketing career. I’m building an Internet empire from my home, would they like one too?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love life and live it to the fullest, with lots of playtime. But, ambition and the challenge of “building the perfect beast” push me relentlessly sometimes. I figure you can relate if you are reading this article. You are looking to create something bigger than yourself, too!

But, it’s a crazy world we live in. A world where people have learned to stifle their dreams, their desires, their creativity. We are taught to “settle” for what we are dealt in life. All too often, when we try to move beyond that, those closest to us try to hold us back, save us from ourselves.

“Consider yourself lucky for what you have.”

“It’s a good job and the benefits are great.”

“The average American family has thousands of dollars in credit card debt.”

“It’s too risky.”

I don’t know how you feel, but I want to LIVE my dreams, have my heart’s desires and allow my creativity to blossom. I want to be my own boss, work in my PJs if I choose, take a four hour lunch to go shopping and fire myself when I’m not measuring up. (Of course, I’m eligible for rehire tomorrow!)

Normal SHOULD be waking up when your body is rested, not when the alarm clock rings. Normal SHOULD be taking a vacation when it fits your family’s schedule, not when your seniority allows. It SHOULD be having a parent at home when a child comes home from school.

To me, normal ISN’T sitting in rush hour traffic twice a day. It ISN’T working fifty weeks in exchange for two weeks off a year, or five days on for two days off a week. It ISN’T wearing my name and picture attached to my clothing.

Everyone must determine their own definition of what “normal” is and isn’t. For those of us who have decided to step outside the box, take control of our lives and build our own business, normal is anything BUT normal!

Life is full of risks, it’s true. But, everything great that has EVER happened has done so with some degree of risk. I don’t want to get to the end and WISH I had taken just a few risks.

I’m urging you to take some risks with me! Step up to the plate! Decide what it is you want out of your life and your business and GO FOR IT! FORGET ABOUT NORMAL!

Create your own “normal!”

We are at the very beginning of the new millennium!

The Internet is overflowing with possibilities, as it breaks all growth records ever set by anything, and it is just not NORMAL!

As I lay in bed, building my empire (business) on my laptop, I realize just how much I love my other-than-normal life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

The clock says 10:07 PM.

Ahhh, lunch break!

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  1. says

    Aloha Jackie,

    I love this article! I have been thinking all of those thoughts! I have already been the not normal home based business entrepreneur who left the corporate world in 1995, and now continuing to build it world wide using the new internet?

    Thank you for once again allowing me to feel “normal” for the Big Vision I am seeing.

    Much love & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂

  2. says

    Good article, any article that begins with “ONLINE” marketing gets my attention.
    Normally, there are those who say online marketing is difficult if not impossible
    but you have proven otherwise.
    I am proud to be on your team!

  3. Rhonda Hord says

    Hi Jackie, I am involded in Scent Sations and I would like to learn how to do this online with success.
    I am ready to learn and grow.
    Can you show me how to do this with out having to spend a fortune.
    I am advertising online but not consistently.
    I want a change in my life
    Thank you

  4. says

    Awesome Jackie! I love being ‘abnormally’ normal!

    Being able to do what you love, no matter at what given hour is a blessing, even if it exceeds 70 hours a week!

    Besides, the alternative lifestyle looks rather bleak…work a 9 – 5, hit the traffic, complain about policies, procedures and being told when you should eat lunch and pray for a vacation to escape your own reality… no thanks! 🙂
    .-= George Fourie´s last blog ..Official: Why I’m No Longer Building A Network Marketing Business =-.

  5. says

    Jackie, Great article. You’ve touched points on what so many of us I’m sure have thought about at some point in our business. Having a home business allows me to spend more time with my family and the flexibility to do more things even in my slippers.
    .-= Noel Chapman´s last blog ..Mexican Salad Dressing =-.

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